Top five Magic Cards (i own bc why not) :
5 - Ethersworn Canonist :mtgW:
4 - Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver :mtgUB:
3 - Eslpeth, Sun's Champion :mtgW:
2 - Thalia, Guardian of Thraben :mtgW:
1 - Master Transmuter :mtgU:


@Ekzael Why not? Because #SECRETS_ARE_NOT_GOODS.

I immediately noticed violation of one of the core principles after clicking the link and didn't bother viewing it at all.

@zyabin101 If so, would you care about explaining a little more your precedent reply, please ? ~

@Ekzael Basically, your secrets are meant to be secrets, that is, not shared with anyone. Not even for all the boosts in the world.

#SECRETS_ARE_NOT_GOODS aims to ensure just that, with aloud warnings that secrets are not goods.

And your top five MtG cards are a secret, too. If it were not bought, you would have published the list yourselves, on a blog.

Now it seems you have to get five new cards to cherish T_T

@zyabin101 I don't understand at all why you're here.
I guess I see your point, maybe ? Buuuuut :
I really don't care about being boosted for a list of mtg cards i like.
I didn't gave any secret here, i answer to what i want, in the way i want, with the visibility i chose.

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