Erotica - Addiction [CW sex, BDSM, +18] 

The pain of the cravings,
Each and every day.

Both body and mind consumed by an unquenchable passion.
A prison of time that only gets more suffocating.
Waiting and searching how to free myself.

The need for fear, for pain, for submission.
Turned on by being dominated, like nothing else.
Why ? Why do I miss it that much ?

I do miss it. I do crave for it. I do cry for it.
Can't get that thought off my mind.
A scream inside of my flesh, begging for more.

The ropes, the whips, the bites.
The caresses, the kisses, the bliss.
The orders, the devotion, the bond between two people.

I am lost, I have been lost for too long now.
But all I can do is wait. Over and over again.
Searching, day after day, trying to ease the pain.

Each an every day.
Waiting to be free, in submission.

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