Story, mention of death 

Before any angel of death, the Queen stood before her. How to say no to the lady of the battlefield, when all that's left behind you is a broken corpse ? Following her through the realm of the fallen, taking care no to lose herself. The charm of the Queen guiding lost souls to new heights, a blooming love coming to life in the land of the undead. A soul among others, blinded by the shining presence of an otherwordly majesty.

But a twin soul, split in two. One part love, one part sorrow. A crow of black and white soaring through this new realm, chasing after the goddess in hope to reach the unreachable. Leaving harsh truth in its trail, hoping to unravel more for a better world to come to life. A vow of strength on its back, the crow flies through time, trying not to look back, as history unfolds on the path it carved in the clouds.

Past like an arrow, piercing through the fabric of reality, until it cuts the ties of tomorrow. Leaving hollow promises for a goal, yet the crow unwavering still chases after the blinding light. For there is nothing left in darkness, it flies on and on until it has burned its wings. Will the days to come see the wandering soul rise to catch the dream, or fall back into nothingness ?

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