ah et aussi j'ai craqué sur le nouveau skin de monture raptor :blobaww:


PvP Guild Wars 2 +++ \o/ 

Well i finally complete Tangled Depth, which is a hell of a map, so i guess i can move on to S03 (and this time not rush it)


Didn't remember that Heart of Thorns ending was so... abrupt ? 🤔

I remembered the story being real quick and even though this time i took time to 100% each map before going to the next it still felt way shorter than Path of Fire. Plus the ending is kinda confusing like : well okay good job, that's done, go back to exact same area you started last chapter with nothing else to do than leave and that's it thank you for playing :blobderpy:

I don't even remember a rain of XP or loot so i had to double check to be sure i didn't miss a thing :blobwoah:

Still, it was a nice story, with really moving events and great character building (here's to you Canach) !

#GW2 #GuildWars2 #HeartOfThorns #HoT

Well i completed the exploration of Verdant Brink for the first time (i rushed the storyline when #HoT was released because my wife was expecting and we weren't sure we could finish it on time) (spoiler : we did, HoT is kinda short when you rush it)

i'm pretty proud, that map is *really hard to explore -_-


Time to go to bed now :)

Holala mais il est beaucoup trop tard, #GuildWars2 m'a volé ma soirée^

Au final j'ai fait un peu des deux ! Mais en ce moment je préfère jouer mon ingé même si ça implique de refaire quelque chose que j'ai déjà fait et repousser encore la découverte de la saison 4 du Monde Vivant

Un petit screen (moyennement cadré) de ma #Sylvari ingé en passant


I've been playing my Sylvari Engi lately in #GuildWars2, i'm currently redoing season 2 of living story (well first time for her) and it's pretty cool to do it again. Plus, Dry Top and all those Zephyrites areas are waaaaay easier with mounts ^^

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