Child by Mark (NCT) is the song I had on loop the first several nights when I was recovering from surgery and in pain/discomfort trying to sleep so now whenever I hear it I get really sleepy.

My bluetooth earbuds go from too quiet to slightly too loud and that's just the difference between volume 3 and 4 :blobcry: oh well

Joining a zoom meeting 30 mins early because I don't wanna forget :sadglasses:

Is Key's song G.O.A.T. a love song?? It sounds so lovely 🥺​ I haven't read the lyrics though

Honestly I need to go to bed but I feel too tired to sleep kinda thing sighh

I caught up on Finding Camellia (SCREAMS) Why do I like this kind of genre even though it gives me pain!!!

Waiting for my precious Under The Oak Tree to update so I can read more about my sexy faves being in love(?) lol

I started Finding Camellia(?) last night and this comic gives me anxiety LOL it doesn't help that it's a girl-disguised-as-boy plot so being trans masc makes me feel a little Too Much about it in Unnecessary Ways but just the story itself is the type of drama that makes you scream "No!!" everytime something stupid happens and you don't want to find out what happens next 😅😂 I'm gonna keep reading it but ugh!!!

I've started reading webcomics again... I'm reading Under The Oak Tree and omg! 😳😳😳 It's so good (and sexy)! I binge read all the current chapters in one night... I'm thinking of re-reading it while waiting for updates haha

Hi! I'm Rei. I'm an artist and indie gamedev working on visual novels! I hope can be my new home in the fediverse since is closing :blobcatsneeze:​ I like listening to music and sharing songs I like :blobcat:​ I'm not usually super active but I like to read/browse even if I don't post :doggoblob:​ Nice to meet everyone :blobcheer:


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