"o ya, that's the problem with old time signatures: the cohesion starts to break down after a while and everybody sorta goes their own way all slipshod across the bar, like. that's why we really recommend ya change meters every coupla measures or so"

anyway, here's what this passage (more or less; the system breaks don't happen in exactly the same place) looks like engraved

(the four-eighth-note-long tutti party happens in the last bar on the page)

Afficher le fil de discussion

sometimes i'm really good at planning all my staves out and leaving myself plenty of room, and then sometimes . . .

what's this dreamy little phraselet doing? how's it going to flower and change in the course of an entire movement? tune in to this livestreamed recital on Friday night to find out! facebook.com/events/1253618428

man, times have gotten so bad that even the *bassoon etude industry* has gotten into the toilet paper business

Check out this mid-rehearsal sneak peek for Sunday's Queering the Canon concert with the Ring of Keys in New York City! All your favorite Broadway numbers but 5000% more gay (highly scientific statistic). Get tickets here: publictheater.org/productions/

wrote an entire play in shorthand (mostly) and here are some of the words i used a lot in it whose forms i particularly liked

1) hallucinations
2) imagine
3) hammer
4) water

if i use enough post-it notes, this article will write itself, right?

blank books: *usually last me a little over a year, give or take*
this blank book: *is only 21 days old, but is nearly halfway full (108 pages out of 251), and contains *only* the interview notes for *one* journalism project*


they are renovating our grocery store and today they have reached the Baking Supplies aisle, which means the only non-iodized fine-grained salt they had was . . . this. guess i've officially ascended into the upper echelons of Pretentious Bougie Hipster Home Breadbakers


y'all ever bake an eight–stranded challah just to show up Paul Hollywood?

to everyone who has ever complained about how many punctuation marks i'm wont to put at the end of a sentence, i present this gem from the Chicago Manual of Style itself:

eye contact 

i have to meet with someone who's making Probably Problematic Art later today, so i'm channeling my inner Bisexual Angel of Death

selfie, eye contact 

me: i'm a gay 90s cyber-bird from outer space

someone: that . . . that's too many aesthetics, put some of them Back

me: caw caw motherfuckers

Plus anciens

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