Well, I know I haven't been active here, I dropped the ball, but maybe during the summer I'll spend more time here.

Feeling better than normal, and much better than recently, now. I'm so happy about that.

Hallo! My name is Currer, and I like all kinds of bottoms!
I'm an amateur writer but I'm hoping to be published someday.
I like making friends! I have two siblings. We're all nonbinary.
I'm going to see how I like Mastodon. If I like it, I'll invite my sibs to join in, too.
I also enjoy reading all sorts of things, but mostly novels. I write poems, scripts, stories long and short, songs, and sins.
Sometimes I get a little silly, and I hope you won't mind that. Also, I'm pretty naive. I come from the countryside and I'm not very "street smart." Please be gentle with me!

Your new friend, Currer Bell!


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