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Uploaded a time-lapse of me drawing Rose and Kanaya from Homestuck.

I pretty much had no idea what I was doing the entire time.

#mastoart #homestuck

Ça faisait longtemps que j'avais pas ouvert ce compte...

The Big Bad Guy: "So you see, were are alike you and me..."

The Good Guy: "What ? Fuck no!"

BBG: "You know in your heart it is true! You just can't accept it! That's why it hurt so much!"

GG : "Dude! You enslaved an entire population and killed billions of people, just so you can have that big dumb status of yours and write History to your advantage."

BBG: "See! You are oppressing me! You don't respect my aspirations!!!"

GG: "... You ! Killed ! People !"

BBG: "I had a ruff upbringing..."

GG: "No, you didn't! You're from one of the wealthiest family in the entire universe!"

BBG: "But I was low on the power game..."

GG: "..."

BBG: "One christmass I didn't have the toy I wanted..."

GG: "You're Serious about this..."

BBG: "My father never lay his hand of me, so clearly he didn't loved me enough"

GG: "Just shut up already..."

darfeld a partagé

Une chose est certaine, je ne suis pas doué pour le design... >_<

Faudra quand même que je mette à jour mon message d'accueil à un moment donné, il est pas super accueillant en l'état... 🙄

Et hop, je poste presque jamais, mais j'ai quand même vérifier mon compte. ^^"

It's the year 2023, Disney own every entertainment in the US and most of the world's... Creator are to afraid to do anything without a contract with Disney or any of the few remaining entertainment company, by fear of legal pursuit from Disney.

Except in porn...

Porn remain the last bastion of creativity. Not with the porn itself mind you, the puritans made sure of that, but Disney won't sue you if you make it porn and don't blatantly use their IP...

🦊 Judabur 🦊

Voici Judabur, le familier de
C'est un⋅e renard 🦊.


darfeld a partagé en lutte pour retrouver ses 777 signes...

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