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JSTOR Daily linkdump (long) 

Trust is much on my mind.

What it is, what benefits it provides, how it is established, how it is lost.

It's fundamental to our knowledge and media systems. It's fundamental to our institutions and interactions. It's fundamental to how we respond to those we know, and to strangers, near, and far.

I'm looking for interesting observations and discussions concerning it.


politics, drug mentions 

taking an online class on buying property/mortgage stuff.

so we have Real Estate?

what about Unreal Estate?


for real though, when I talked to a lawyer about property law, he shuddered and said it was 400 years of crufty weirdnesses and not to ask him *any* questions.

.... do we have any property lawyers in the house? I'd like to read that history.

Worldbuilding: medicine, medications 

Work takes more out of you then you take out of it.

You can purchase numerous commodities, but you can't ever buy back the hours of your life sold to capital.

Whether you get paid in grades for you academic piecework or wages for facilitating commodity consumption, work is everywhere an alienation of your capacity to determine your own life.

- No Loyality for bosses -
- no loyality to the institutions -

(found here:
#work #capitalism

Shit let me fix everyones problem with everyone all at once:

Try loving people. If you can't, try loving yourself. If you can't, let people love you while you work on yourself.

Go be kind. Go be brave.

Did you know there's a beautiful Scottish Islamic tartan?

-Blue = the Scottish Flag

-Green = the colour of Islam

-Five white lines = the five pillars of Islam

-Six gold lines = the six articles of faith

-Black square = the Holy Kabah

I love this and I want more stuff like this. Scottish-Muslim weddings with pakoras next to the haggis. Sikh bhangra drummers jamming with bagpipers at independence marches. It's happening and it's fantastic.

I'm starting my own small compositional project in which I am making short musical landscapes, inspired by the world outside.

This first piece is called Interlocking Parts. I was noticing a tree with branches that were fusing in on itself, twisting and turning. The song comes from there.

Interlocking Parts (listen at Soundcloud)

#smallmusic (I guess I will use this hashtag, since I am often writing #smallstories and #smallpoems and whatnot)

politics, capitalism, food waste 

politics, capitalism, food waste 

Whatever happened to retro as a descriptor for clothes that are a bit old, and a bit daggy because you can picture your parents in them? There was also an element of being mass-produced to it. Like, how back in the 90s the 60s and 70s were retro, and the 50s and earlier were vintage. Anyway, a lot of brick-and-mortar and online shops are calling some pretty bad 90s stuff vintage, and I cringe at the prices on Adidas track pants and No Fear shirts.

Last night I dreamed that there was a drug-store-themed soda called "Dr. Ug Store"

Here on Mastodon we've gotr all the shapes. Hexagon, Triangle, Weird Circle in between some Rectangles. Friend

so tomorrow starts the annual perversion of the solstice festival, celebrating the Winter King in a red suit who brings gifts for children.

and then the howling about how the Risen King, born in the fall, should be celebrated in place of the Winter King.

spare me your holidays. spare me your feasts. spare the gatherings moaning about the replacement kings.

Craft, long 

Locked In 2 

Huge red flag for me is when consulting companies reformat and retype your resume. Call it my Van Halen M&M dish but seeing my resume reformatted with a company header and a copyright on it means in just another piece of meat to them.

That's why I put a CC-BY-NC-ND license on my resume. And I just called out a company on violating the license for my resume.

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