" The concept of a Balkan federation emerged in the late 19th century from among left political forces in the region. The central aim was to establish a new political unity: a common federal republic unifying the Balkan Peninsula on the basis of internationalism, socialism, social solidarity, and economic equality. The underlying vision was that despite differences among the Balkan peoples the historical need for emancipation was a common basis for unification. "


From the vault the image emerges. I'm hooded and hiding, between desire and guilt I'm seeking schizomachine vanished in the line of temporary delight.

Ok, I've been silent, but I'm cooking.

I'm brewing shit.

There's so much to say but it's also extremely emotional and I have a desire to come out in a way, but I'm far from sure about it and it's overwhelming because it's not a clear cut thing.

I'm not gay, and I have no gender dysphoria, but I feel like a certain side of me that wants to communicate with the outside world is not communicating.

It's dark and sad and genderqueer and very lonely and frustrated and also happy and full of tears and wanting to show everyone how loneliness is such a bittersweet feeling that you cling on and feels so good to surf the glitches of the matrix or whatever you call the back-side channels.


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