Time for re-

I am an on the border between comics and . My current work is and , and is also a main source for my .

I give with musician Allan Grønvall, link in bio.

Did my MA in on and reading schema as . That's quite a mouthful, so I rolled it up in a neologism — , which I am currently exploring in a print anthology, podcast series and website.

On this account I'm prone to toot unsolicited thoughts on whatever or I let wash over me at any given time, or just the latest shiny thing I saw on the internet... Apologies in advance!

My posts on @uncomics are usually less scattershot.

Here are a few sample pages from my book of "When the Last Story is Told" (2015). I may have gone overboard with the image descriptions...


... and some pages from a (sorely overdue) work in progress, "Prisoner's Cinema". In it, I explore phenomena to visualise the mental effects of on inmates. Like before, &c

Seriously, I need to relax a bit with those image descriptions...

Maybe it's time I sat down and narrated that full audio book of my (wordless) abstract comics.

Or just throw in the towel and make a book of texts that describe artwork I'm not going to make.

I wanted to follow this up with some of my audiovisual jam session live painting work with musician Allan Grønvall, but our peertube instance crashed and we'll have to set up our account from scratch, and wouldn't that be a great chance to add some snazzy title cards to each video?

Long story short, the videos aren't up yet.

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