If you're just now realising that billionaires owning your online accounts and data, maybe you'll be happy to know of open source, distributed alternatives to these services:

Facebook ➡️ diaspora or Friendica
(Friendica is part of the , ie. federates with Mastodon)

Instagram ➡️ Pixelfed (part of the fediverse)

YouTube ➡️ Peertube (part of the fediverse)

Google apps (docs/calendar/contacts) ➡️ Nextcloud (can integrate with the fediverse via plug-in)

WhatsApp/Telegram ➡️ Matrix or Tox or Session
(No, not Signal. Its users are locked in to centralised servers)

Medium ➡️ Writefreely or Plume (both fediverse)

Let me know if I forgot something you might want replaced!

I was a bit eager to get to my point there: "that billionaires owning your on lines accounts and data are a terrible idea", obviously.

Oh yeah, I forgot: ➡️ A fucking HTML bullet list of links. THAT'S IT.

cc @huertanix

@haverholm I'm happy that I'm not the only one who sees that. In my day, we made our own linktree in notepad! *yells at cloud*

@infonauten @haverholm One day someone has to make a four yorkshiremen with tech people. 😂

@saederup @haverholm "NOTEPAD??! That's luxury. We waved a floppy disc at the sun during periods of increased solar activity. Get the angle right, and you'd end up with a proper bullet list, links and all."

@infonauten @saederup "Gen Xers cry for their lost blink tag! We had to sit around the fire and blink our eyes!"

@haverholm @saederup "<head>? <body>? We used to use our own head and bodies as structure for our files"

@infonauten @saederup "We called it a "footer" because we were too dumb to know the plural of foot!"

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