one painter's take on POTUS 44 Portrait 

This spring and summer I am focusing on culture and soft leadership/servanthood at work. I'm on the Diversity Committee, and the "Culture"(events) group for the local office.

I'm wondering what *small* things can be done to boost culture and events in ways that one or two ICs can do, minimal/small funding.

now I'm getting negative 

Bay Area LGBTQ artists and art enthusiasts! #Artsplosion is coming up February 10th! Join us for the first #Artsplosion of the new year!
See art, chat with artists, buy art, make art, relax and play, free to exhibit and attend!
There's plenty of room for exhibitors and sign-ups are live until Feb 5th.
Check us out:

It’s great to know that you can be dead for 9000 years and people will still tell you how angry you look if you’re not smiling

oh look, it's almost like shipping an outdated version of Chrome as the basis for your app has some drawbacks
#electron #webdev

That's certainly a novel list of genders.

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<option value="t">Transgender

all seattle public library ebook copies of Le Guin's works are on hold.

it really is a very literary city comparative to other ones I've lived in


Your company does not need microservices. Your company needs communicating developers, managers, PMs, and a working CI system. If all of the above is accomplished, you can start considering maybe a separate service might be useful to solve your problem. It's probably not a "micro" service. Its probably a separable part of your system that is fighting with the system. Debate the n tier architecture first.

clojure is proving to be worse than I have previously experienced.

I have strong opinions on programming language and technologies.

Largely, this is because the ones I slam on waste my time with bugs and weird behaviors every time I really grapple with them, *or* I have the expertise/knowledge to identify that they are problematic timewasters.

I don't apologize for wanting my life not wasted.

"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." - R.I.P. Ursula Le Guin

putting a stake in the ground:

* cryptocurrencies are a bubble

* are a waste of everyone's time

* technology does not replace trust

* most cryptocurrencies, particularly btc, are ancap designs for an ancap worldview - but the world doesn't work like libertarians/ancaps think it does.

* the end result will be a distributed ledger database used by private corporations with some form of proof-of-stake to sign into that particular instance.

* cryptocurrencies will not even approximately take down the State.

thinking about emigrating back to for chatting with more people.

but has longposts. what to do, what to do

some slightly dated information on the food industry.

I think the idea of brands being a... personality... obscuring the corporation behind it is *gross*.

If Safeway wants to do an organic line, why not call it "Safeway Organics", instead of "O Organics". There's an essential dishonesty and with a bait and switch being invoked here, at least on its face. The consumer without an eye towards googling the owner of a brand is going to be deceived...

I don't mean to shame you if you *like* something made by a megacorp. There are incredible efficiencies at scale. Its one of the things keeping food prices down.

But understand it's made by a megacorp and the "local, organic, wholesome, back to the land" from Whole Foods products or whatevs is mostly marketing shiny and, at most, a hangover from when the brand started as a small company.

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