as you may have already know, china gov have strengthen the internet censorship... all my free proxy broke down recently.
not sure if it's temporary. i hope that it is, but who knows.


@bctnry I had not heard. don't they usually around the time of the big Party Meeting?

@pnathan yep the party meeting is coming but the censorship has never got this powerful before even during the meeting in the past...i'm somewhat worried

@bctnry I honestly don't know much about the realities of Chinese life. Why would you be worried?

@pnathan it's the fact that you'll never know if you'll be allowed to use the internet as before in the future & when you finally know you probably can't. for example, is blocked in china a few months ago & nobody would ever think of that because that site has nothing to do with political sensitive stuff...

@bctnry too much against traditional morality?? (Just guessing)

Do people get into actual trouble for visiting blocked sites?

@pnathan i really don't think that's the case because it is mostly destroyed (changed, at least) before PRC's establishment...
people don't get in trouble for visiting those websites per se, people get in trouble for attempting to so.

@bctnry interesting. Some day I should like to learn more about the lived experience, without the concern of censorship.

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