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re: ACNH, house + Faucheux 

Daisy gifted me this black hoodie this morning so i turned Sargent into Faucheux
And I made changes on my house's exteriors so it kinda made me think of cottagecore Faucheux

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Yo! This is a thread for posting little and less little scenes I wrote about Mirima's and I's OCs or links to the google docs when they're too long.

Warnings: 1. English isn't my mother tongue 2. I have weird writing habits from back when I wrote in French who sometimes pop up 3. overall it's wonky and not that great. 4. DO NOT reblog any of those posts, I'm very incomfortable with this and I will block you if you do.

how did Faucheux even manage to catch the eye of a guy like Peter, tell me ur secrets

OC talks (Sargentale) 

Can't stop thinking about Sargent jamming to The Man (by the Killers) and doing a silly 'pointing at himself and winking' pose at the "I got news for you baby, you're looking at the man!" and how Ale basically goes from rolling his eyes or giving him the most uninterested stare to being like 'come here u idiot, I'll give u a kiss'

Thinking about Sargentale having conversations about getting the keys to each other's places and later about moving together as I try to fall asleep

OCs talks (sargentale, fallen angel(s) AU) 

Was thinking that after his fall and Sargent and him getting together, Ale would still not be 100% used to all the concepts and vocabulary that humans (and some fallen angels) use so when one day he has to introduce himself and Sargent he's like 'wait what was the human term for that already?' and unable to remember 'boyfriend' (or even 'lover') he says that Sargent is his love instead

re: promare AU 

If Mercutio gets blue hair do I change Tybalt's hair color as well? :thaenkin:​ Do I go for platinum? That greenish blond Lio got?

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promare AU 

potential idea for a mercutio/tybalt promare AU

- they're both Burnish

- met as (pre)teens while running away from people that track Burnishes (idk if they were on their own or with their family/in a group)

- got caught (and experimented on?)

- Romeo and Juliet get killed (by a nth experiment or while trying to escape)

- Mercutio, Tybalt, Rosaline and Benvolio (and others?) manage to escape

- at first they try to stick together but their respective ways to cope with the grief and the trauma don't mesh well so in the end they go on their seperate ways

- years later Tybalt joined the Mad Burnish while Mercutio tried to stay under the radar and live a "normal life" as a "regular person"

- Mercutio ultimately becoming a firefighter (later joining the Burning Rescue), secretly using his burnish abilities to withstand fire and co if needed

- his own idea or Benvolio's who convinced him to become a firefighter? (if they remained in good terms)

- And one day they cross paths again but now they're "enemies"

- unsure if it's really the first time they meet after the group split up or if Tybalt would have dropped by to check on Mercutio from time to time before he became a Mad Burnish and Mercutio a firefighter / joined Burning Rescue but never really stayed

What if there are waiting rooms for the trainers in pokemon unite after u get matched and before u go fight (I imagine the wait would be longer than in game tho)..... Flo's trainer and mine would 100% blast jams and vib

(absolutely not thinking this bc I feel like they would blast the Spiderverse OST and we just rewatched it)

re: silly Sargent stuff 

Meanwhile Sargent has the same reaction that someone who gets badly scratched by a cat but laughs it off as "haha it's just his way of showing affection"

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re: silly Sargent stuff 

The only reason Sargent seems to stick to "throwing an arm around Ale's shoulders" instead of something more daring is that when he tried (several times already) to wrap his arm around Ale's waist, Ale twisted his arm and broke it and the healers are getting tired

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silly Sargent stuff 

if he was in a game à la Fire Emblem I bet Sargent would be one of those villainish guy from the first part of the game that you can recruit under specific conditions

Sargent's conditions would be: using Ale and/or Iñigo to defeat him
And then he's like "hot guy that can take me in a fight? Sign me up I gotta get more of it 😎"

re: OCs talks (sargentale) 

Unrelated but set during the same period (though closer to when they get together, like they started flirting with each other and waiting for the other one to make a move/the right moment to make a move)

They were totally not on a date when Sargent wents to grab/buy something, telling Ale to wait here for him, only to find him talking to someone when he came back. The guy has already slipped away by the time Sargent reaches Ale's spot but he can't help sound displeased when he's "what did they wanted with you?" to which Ale holds up a piece of paper and answers that the guy wanted his number.

I'm not sure how Sargent would react but I figured he might be the prying type and ask Ale if he's gonna keep it/contact the guy. And Ale's reaction to that would be smile or smirk and go "Why would I do that? I already got yours/your number" (as in 'i already got the number of the person I'm interested in, I don't need someone else's')

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re: OCs talks (sargentale) 

- Ale's either there with Iñigo and Nieve if it's their thing or colleagues that like Sargent's music too

- maybe got a spot very close to the scene thanks to Sullivan??? idk

- idk if u can see much of the audience when on stage but if u can, i sure hope these two manage to make eye contact

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OCs talks (sargentale) 

it's set before they get together but after Sargent starts getting his shit together and (re)connects with Ale

so Sargent is well aware that Ale is likely to not attend any of his concerts (or anyone else's for that matter) because of his work hours and overall work schedule, the man needs his nights for sleeping

But one day, a bit before the start of his concert he gets a text from Ale, and a picture. A picture of a ticket. A ticket for a concert. For *his* concert. The concert is doing, tonight. [*insert whatever reaction Flo thinks he would have*]

re: twine game 

Sadly can't pull an Hannibal and have my victim killed just because they were rude to the killer 😔

And can't have it too boring or expected as well aaaaaaah

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re: twine game 

Settled on the name now working on motives and coming up with reasons to kill someone is surprisingly hard

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twine game 

Still stuck on the replacement name for the fifth suspect 😩

OCs talks (spidergang) 

special episode for @Mirima : Charles' birthday headcanons!!

- everybody's birthdays are written on the home's calendar so the kids see it coming

- Tiff and Phil are super ready and super excited to give their dad a special day

- Tiff tries to convince Seth (well, Omen) to gift Charles something, she even asks Hazard to help her convince him (xe just plain tells Seth "[Tiff/Mandible idk what xe calls her] asked me to convince you to gift something to your ex")

- she doesn't really know if Seth didn't plan to gift him something or not, that's just her own assumption

- Tiff and Phil really want to cook Charles' whole birthday meal (they probably need Peter and Faucheux' help for some stuff but they're mainly here for supervision)

- Phil is surprisingly much better at wrapping gifts than Tiff so she's left in charge of folding the paper towels in whatever shape they decided on (and Phil of gift wrapping)

- they also put up some garlands (Phil had to climb on Tiff's shoulders for that) (she put one up with her spider arms/legs too)

- they dressed up in matching outfits on the date of Charles' bday (Peter bets that it's gonna make Charles cry)

- Peter and Faucheux made sure to have some tissues ready for Charles lol

- Tiff and Phil can't sing so they sign the bday song while Peter and Faucheux sing it (the kids asked them to but I think they would probably have done it anyway)

- Carrion might not be invited depending on when it happens during the timeline but they do gift Charles something at work (not on work hours obvi but yknow)

- they don't know how old Charles is (or they just don't care) so they arrange the candles in a heart shape on the cake (or whatever Charles wants to eat as dessert)

- he also got breakfast in bed

- [I'm out of juice now but if something else comes up to me I'll add it to the thread!]

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