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Yo! This is a thread for posting little and less little scenes I wrote about Mirima's and I's OCs or links to the google docs when they're too long.

Warnings: 1. English isn't my mother tongue 2. I have weird writing habits from back when I wrote in French who sometimes pop up 3. overall it's wonky and not that great. 4. DO NOT reblog any of those posts, I'm very incomfortable with this and I will block you if you do.

Catholic Guilt Sargent is such a funny concept. i feel sorry for him but it's also hilarious

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can't remember where i wrote that shit tho, was it on here?? on pv? on twitter dms??

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thinking about the Tip panel again which in turn makes me think of the shaving scene in the Runaway Princes AU and in particular the moment when Ale rubs the back of his fingers against Sargent's skin to make sure he didn't miss any spot

OCs talks (sargentale) 

I was listening to Sargent's covers playlist earlier (while playing stardew valley si vous voulez tout savoir) and the "I'm gonna make you fall" line in Power & Control came on which prompted the following exchange in my head:

S: I'm gonna make you fall (for me)
A: I'd like to see you try

Noted that idk if Sargent was supposed to like sing the line at Ale or if he just plain used the line like that. Ale either looks unimpressed and almost curt or teasing with a smirk. No specific universe but seeing Ale's answer it makes sense that it would happen after Sargent decides to become decent (if that's a thing that happens in the verse)

Hmm what kind of haircut/hairstyle would teen!Ale have tho. Maybe some sort of bob? Or longer hair but unlike canon he always had it in a high ponytail or a bun? Idk if he would have bangs or a fringe or neither :thaenkin:

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Idk if Sargent already was the tactile type / the type to invade your personal space all the time as a teenager but if he did: him being the only one Ale allows physical contact because he Knows so it doesn't make Ale uncomfortable nor dysphoric

(Which would probably lead to Sargent boasting dramatically about it when their other friends/the other people they hang out with would point it out ot complain that it's favoritism or something. And then Ale joking about striping him from his privileges)

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Would they have tried dating when they were younger? Exactly when when younger? Did they break up because of divergent career paths or for other reasons? (Yes in my mind there is no way they would have stayed together the whole time) (as lovers I mean, not as friends)

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I wonder how Sargentale would have turned out if they were childhood friends

Purple Mountains’ Majesty #9F7DAB
Deep Forest Green #102500

(Contrast ratio: 4.7:1 | AA)

re: OCs talks (grocery bags meme) 

Little lore: Tiff does it because Peter and Faucheux do it so she thinks that's a hand hold out with any 'voiced' request means you wanna hold hands (she probably applies it in other situations where someone would do that as well)

Also I didn't mentioned Kam because for type A they are too anxious and would never dare assume someone would wanna hold hands if not stated and for type B, well, they're the type to clearly state stuff because of anxiety and not wanting to cause misunderstandings.

Oh and Ulysses can carry stuff. Not too heavy obviously but if the weight is balanced he's okay. Unless it's a day he needs his cane

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re: OCs talks (grocery bags meme) 

I'm not sure about Ale, probably depends on mood and on Sargent's behavior at that time (both like, re: their relationship progress and like previously that day/week)

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re: OCs talks (grocery bags meme) 

type A:
- Val, definitely Val,
- probably Manhattan too if it's Lola or Anya. or Ulysses because "no i will not let you carry unbalanced heavy stuff you're gonna hurt your leg so here give me your hand instead"
- (either adapted to their verse or a modern AU) Golshan bc big brother reflex
- maybe Alsinohr too, out of confusion
- J would be stupid enough to do it but he doesn't have much strength so i doubt they would would have let him take so much stuff
- Tabby would 100% do it, let her show off Mabel
- Faucheux it's 50/50 on if big sib reflex activates or if they give you some bags
- oh Clio too
- and Tiff

type B:
- to no one's surprise Faucheux (tho it obviously depends if Peter is the type to do that but i'm pretty he would, on purpose)
- Lola
- Dax with Val when they were dating tho it still happens sometimes now (but Dax tends to voice his request now to counter it)
- J back here too, probably, considering Dave's personality
- maybe Ulysses? I could see Andy getting confused and unable to think straight so he takes Ulysses' hand instead

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OCs talks (grocery bags meme) 

just thinking about this situational meme and which OCs would A or B

character A: *carrying grocery bags in both hands*
character B: *reaches out a hand to help them*
character A: *switches all the bags to one hand and takes [character B]’s hand and holds it*
character B: that’s not what- okay

A #DTIYS by @/schnetzle on Instagram with their OC Wesley (he/him)!
It was pretty relaxing to work on this actually, I think I needed the change :)

You can find the original post and rules of schnetzle's DTIYS here, please check out their work! >> instagram.com/p/CFKaGb5lXAY/?i

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