me: *says that X character doesn't know how to deal and process negative feelings, implying some other characters of mine do*
me: *realizes I don't actually know how to do that either therefore has no clue how to write it*
me: ah

re: wip talk 

Oh yeah I need to do that before August ends. Idk how to make the background tho. A gradient? which color(s)? Do I write it by hand or do I use a font?

I need code names for the wip 'protags' until I properly work on their names because A and B is getting confusing

me to Miri: yeah so J did this dumb thing
Miri: I 💞love💞Johnny💞

re: OCs talks 

I kept sports bc imo sportswear isn't always a real sport outfit

Okay since @Mirima asked, here's my back up list.

Might make it a real prompt list pic if I get enough motivation tomorrow. Might get longer too.

- partner clothes
- dressed up by Partner
- pajamas
- how their parents wished they dressed / dressed by parents
- kigurumi
- phase/style they grew out of
- something they would never wear
- another era (they might like?)
- outfit of or based on characters from a film or tv show they like/would like (animation/anime counts, yes)
- ugly (christmas) fashion
- family dinner
- staying home and lazing around outfit
- sports (random or one they could practice)
- totally spies
- and/or magical girls
- borrowed clothes (bonus if they come from several people)
- wedding (as the ones getting married or guests, do what you want)
- formal but not too fancy?
- gardening / bricolage
- as their evil twin

You know what these OutfitAugust are missing? "Partner's clothes" prompt. Not as in 'dressed in their partner(s)'s style, no, just straight up their clothes and it doesn't fit it doesn't first.

"Dressed up by Partner"/"partner chose their clothes" is a good concept too

re: wip talk 

re: OCs talks 

OCs talks 

re: wip talk 

poor lad only has like 3 posts in my side blog, im sorry bb

I can barely remember what kind of personality I gave Muir I feel like this "my boy!!! i abandoned my boy" gif(set)

re: wip talk 

me anytime i can: i need things* to happen by a lake

* whole setting or just scenes

wip talk 

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