nevermind i did not had more far west toots, i was thinking about stuff i didn't wrote down apparently

me: *randomly thinks about Peter's family or Andy's background/childhood for the meet young(er) AU*
me: *gets hyped*

hmmm those cryptid crew as actual creatures toots were good

OCs talks 

re: OCs talks 

Thinking about long-haired Omen and baby Tiff,,,,

And blue hair and tattoos Faucheux,,

Thinking about, I quote, "Dave laughing about [the fact that J thought wearing glasses would make him look more serious] and taking Johnny's glasses off before kissing him on the forehead"

(quoting Miri obviously)

OCs talks (monster boyfriends) 

oupsi that was a mistake i still haven't found all of it back

re: OCs talks (AU stuff) 

OCs talks (sparklysilk) 

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