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re: ACNH, house + Faucheux 

Daisy gifted me this black hoodie this morning so i turned Sargent into Faucheux
And I made changes on my house's exteriors so it kinda made me think of cottagecore Faucheux

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Yo! This is a thread for posting little and less little scenes I wrote about Mirima's and I's OCs or links to the google docs when they're too long.

Warnings: 1. English isn't my mother tongue 2. I have weird writing habits from back when I wrote in French who sometimes pop up 3. overall it's wonky and not that great. 4. DO NOT reblog any of those posts, I'm very incomfortable with this and I will block you if you do.

re: OC talks (Sargentale, detective/thief AU) 

Any opinion bro? *pokes Florence*

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OC talks (Sargentale, detective/thief AU) 

wondering in what time period and/or type of verses the Detective/Thief AU takes place so I can try (and fail) to imagine what kind of outfit Ale and Sullivan would wear for their Jobs

new Sargentale AU 

@Mirima Okay so Sargent is basically his canon self (unless u wanna change it obviously) while Ale, Nieve and Iñigo are in a band (tho I don't think they make a living out of it)

And maybe Rafael or Penny lend them a hand or standed in for another musician at some point and that's how their two circles met? (Or not, we can find another reason for them to meet)

Idk yet if Sullivan is the same as in canon or not but they're from Sargent/Penny/Rafael's circle

Thought of Ale and Sargent covering Roses Are Falling as a duo and now I'm screaming

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Okay if I still can't stop thinking about it tomorrow maybe I'll share it

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I doubt it would even change their dynamic from their canonverse one, this is stupid

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Listened to Nobody and my brain went what if Ale sings it/covers it and Sargen, a random member of the audience is just "I'll give you a movie kiss anytime you want my dude"

Wanting to talk about what i thought of for the lollipop charm bc i think it's cool vs Wanting people to not be "spoiled" and only discover it when i'll be done (or like thru wip pics)

happy bday to Sargentale, thanks for carrying us through these tough times 😔 🙏 ✨

"I'll be your man if you got love to get done" sure hits different when you're in love, right Sargent?

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Okay I know No Plan is Valkai vibes (and it still is associated to them in my mind) but I just thought of a lovestruck fool Sargent covering it and. 😔

*eyes start glowing red out of nowhere* what if wing ears for Sargentale (fallen) angels AU

And they can emote >:]

rip to me i wanna start sharing it now, you don't even have finished it yet!!!!! and it's for the birthday, stop!!

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it's plain old bullet list format bc i do not have the brains for polished writing but whatever

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