anyone has random questions for/about Cheerleader? i need to brainstorm but i can't think of anything myself

*listens to buzzcut season while trying very hard not to think of giving themself or Cheerleader a buzzcut*

time to listen to lorde bc the vibe fits this new story

Turns out I may design two outfits, the competitive cheerleading one and the "pompom girl" one. I mean I could not do that but I like making my life more difficult. Also I want skirts

How the fuck do schools pick colors anyway (be french, have no colors like I did)

And designs but the choice will be harder for colors, I think

Ah I'll have to think of cheerleader uniforms colors....

re: OCs talks (cheerleader/jock) 

re: OCs talks (cheerleader/jock) long 

hmm long bob or short bob. or a whole other haircut/hairstyle i can't decide on

@Mirima oh yeah what about heights? (for Jock and Cheerleader I mean)

OCs talks (sparklysilk) 

re: OCs talks (cheerleader/jock) 

re: OCs talks (cheerleader/jock) 

A story/AU where two roommates or friends or people crushing one each other both try to keep it secret from the other that they're a werewolf (and they're too busy doing that to actually realize the other is like them)

*thinks about the clone story trio sleeping in a pile of cuddles (in canon and in the baby!clio AU* *grows very soft*

also I have officially put Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You on Cheerleader and Jock's non-existent playlist

okay maybe i should stop searching for characters and just put down the descriptions

me looking at my lockscreen and melting bc Ash and Kulap/Grump are too soft for my own good

mdr (misc is the one category which the most characters so far bc a lot of them belong to stories/universes that don't have names) (and yeah one is named wip until i find something)

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