I miss my Mastodon friends!! Can we be friends again, please?

During hot weather, I like to take a long cool drink of Feminade.

Parody: “T- Blocker Blues/Trans Super-Heroines” (Sung to the tune of “Spider-Man Theme”) 

Spiro Man, Spiro Man
He can’t do what others can
Can’t get hard, though he tries
Frets about his shrinking size
Press “F”... for non-cumming Spiro Man!

Andro-Cur, Andro-Cur
Blocks the T-Bone, as it were
Androgens he always spies,
“Wham, Biff!” Cuts me down to size
Down, boy! Lay off, you Andro-Cur!

{Transition. Rad guitar solo}

Estrogen, Estrogen!
Lovely, magic—10 outta 10
Gives me boobs, new mood highs
Sexy, thicc, spreading thighs
Endo! I need more Estrogen!

Regrets? Nah, only now and then.
LOOK OUT! for Transgender Womennnn
Truth is: We-all were never men!

New lyrics by @transfigurations
Anna O’Brien (c) 2019


Hey NB peeps and trans gals, what do you recommend for permanent hair removal from the body? I am reading about a variety of ways... very much want to get rid of all this hair, especially (and I know it takes longer) on my face and legs...

Trans Women on HRT question: pre-op dysphoria 

So I'm on HRT and having some trouble, I'm 3 months in and having some like...erectile dysfunction and inability to orgasm. I have just rebought "Fucking Trans Women" to seek for help, and I'm going to talk with my endocrinologist on Friday.

But I've read about a topical penile cream that's high in T for this kind of thing or maybe ejaculation. Could anyone maybe share about this if you know about it or have used it?

Notes from my students (+++++) 

Look at these from my students...I started crying happy tears.

Thanking me for coming out to them last school week.

I’ll type them up in follow-up toot.

The Office of Ladders and Stairs is in charge of Climb-It Control.

NSFW a little bit, wordplay 

Minnie, the cartoon character, has boobs because she's a titmouse.

MH (-), self-harm, self-love, self-understanding; apology 

I think I do self-harm often, but not by cutting or burning myself (even though I do scald myself with very hot water every day).

I hurt myself mentally and emotionally, and yesterday was an example of that that really made me think.

I feel not really calm, but more like subdued. As if I'd been given a heavy sedative. I'm dazed. I cannot smile in any natural-looking way. I look like I'm sick. And of course, I am.

It might be as I've long thought, and my subconscious is really trying to destroy me, largely through a combination of dissociation and then, while disconnected from reality, leading or prompting me to do really wretched things, deplorable stuff that I can only, at best, observe myself doing, like I'm watching a horror movie about myself.

Then the bad things happen in response to what I've done, and the self-loathing kicks in so viciously, relentlessly.

Sometimes I can remember parts of it, and sometimes not at all.

I am so sorry for these times. I am trying to teach myself, persuading myself, cajoling myself, having long impatient conversations with myself, as I did at 5 AM today...to overcome my impulse to disallow myself to have self-love. I think I made some progress today. I think that if I can really convince myself to value who I am, and forgive myself for things I am barely able to control because of mental illness, I could really get much better and the damage to my mind and emotions could be reduced.

I wouldn't be all well, of course, but I could be better.

I am going to put much effort into that.

I love all of you, and I hope I will soon improve at the learned skill of loving myself.

With sincere, earnest shame, regret, and love,

5 Oct. 2019

I would like it to be known that, on principle as well as in earnest, I am always very open to any hugs, cuddling, snuggling, anything like that. Just so you know. I think the world should be aware of these facts.

HRT MTF breast growth or breast cancer? 

I am trying to research how to tell the difference, but I'm not really learning what I would need to understand. I don't have experience with this, after all.
If any trans women who have experience with HRT can give me any pointers, please provide feedback. Thank you!

Hello all, a long but good day! 🐹
See you tomorrow I hope!
Hugs, good night! <3

Alright you lugs, hand over your snuggles, y’hear me?? Love me quick...or I’ll CRY on youse, get me?

Gonna ask my doctor if More Girly Hormones are right for ME!

Prince Humperdinck: (FURIOUSLY, ON MASTODON)
Awoooo’d not say such things if I were you!!

Holy gosh that shit was intense.

Worth the wait but gosh what a long wait

Thank you Adam.

This trip to Tokyo is just my wife getting rid of me for the summer. There is no point or purpose in me coming here other than just my wife wants me out of the way; why, I guess I will discover later on.


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