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so, **anyway**

Yesterday I finished reading *The Unwritten*, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. It's a series of comic books published in 2014, that take the concept of "In the beginning was the Word" and runs with it.

We follow a guy named Tom Taylor, who's famous for being the son of the author who wrote the Tommy Tailor series (basically Harry Potter in an universe where HP didn't exist), as he slowly realizes that stories have an impact on reality: the more people believe in a story, and the more the story becomes real. Real, as in you can get powers if people believe you're the character in your dad's novels, but also real as in you might actually become a character in Moby Dick, and finding your way back can be hard... But then, is your world the "real world", or is it just a story in other stories?

It's in 11 volumes, and so obviously there's multiple narrative arcs and threads (I only described the first one here), but they're all very interesting and well written, and I also really like the illustration style!

So, yeah. Do give it a try!!

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