# War of the Spark

So I finally finished reading the 3 War of the Spark previews ([part 1](, [part 2](, [part 3]( before the prerelease on Sunday (I haven’t seen any other spoiler cards than the ones in these articles) and… I loved them!

- I really like the way they present Ravnica At War
- I like the idea of more common planeswalker! And I like the “pokeable enchantment” design they made for them!
- Dunno how I feel about proliferate, but it interacts with the mechanics interestingly
- It’s really cool that they show mechanics that they chose not to use!Skirmish is really cool! I hope they can incorporate it (or something like it) in a future edition
- Amass… is okay...

all in all, I’m hyped!

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