These girls are the most useless lesbians I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something. God.

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Kink, lewd 

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Hey that’s a very good way to show the indecision when talking in IM

Shit, Lisa confronting her self-loathing is just this comic book calling me out over and over again

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This comic book follows all of the queer conventions: the bottoms keysmash even in their thoughts!

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They spend like 4 months not talking about their feelings and they end up fucking shouting. Subtext is dead.

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C'est quelle BD ? Le trait me rappelle quelque chose que j'aurais déjà vu

@rabcyr it's just the accent, she interpreted it as an accusation

@wxcafe yeah but idgi. most of us white people there don’t have a particular accent. but some of the words we use give us away.

@rabcyr @wxcafe Now I'm self-conscious about how I say the word "lesbian". 🙃

@wxcafe @benhamill uhhh excuse me, i’m a TEXAN, *not* a “southerner”!

@rabcyr @benhamill coming from paris pretty much all of the us is the south. NYC is at the latitude of madrid!

@rabcyr @benhamill more seriously though what's the south if texas isn't part of it? ;_;

@wxcafe @rabcyr The US South is less about cardinal directions and more about cultural and political history. Southern California is not considered The South even though it has a border with Mexico…

@wxcafe @rabcyr The South is mostly situated very East. This includes Texas and Oklahoma, which seems instictually weird to me, but otherwise is reasonable: Notice how far north is goes on the east coast, there.

@wxcafe @rabcyr The reason I find TX's and OK's inclusion weird is that both of those states were pretty "out there" and "western" at the time of the American Civil War and share a lot culturally with the "southwest" (OK, TX, NM, CO, and some other states) as well. They feel like a blend to me. And there are some important Southern cultural institutions in which Texas, as least, doesn't ever partake like sweet iced tea and a lot of other food stuff.

@benhamill @wxcafe texas had only been a state for 25 years when the civil war started

@benhamill @wxcafe but sweet iced tea (disgusting) is commonly found in texas along with normal iced tea at restaurants.

@rabcyr @wxcafe Fair. They ask if you want it, whereas in, like, Georgia, you have to remember to specify that you want unsweetened iced tea.

@benhamill @rabcyr the US is so quirky even cardinal directions don't mean the same thing there

@wxcafe @rabcyr Accurate. But, like, that's the difference between "The US South" and "the southern US". Sort of like the difference between South Africa and southern Africa.

@benhamill @rabcyr actually now that I think about it, "the south" in france is also south-east. south-west is... well, the south-west. different influences from the different bordering nations. Similarly with "the north" being the north-east, where the "north-west" with its border with germany has a different culture (alsace-lorraine)

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