Before the Spire Falls, long post 

So today with @Ekzael, @Eutrapelie and @achaela we played Before the Spire Falls, a very queer and beautiful tabletop RPG that's played with shared authority.

It's a very, very clever design, inspired by the Apocalypse system, but with a simplified resolution system, and a distributed way to managed the environment.

It's a really good system for storytelling and exploring one's identity and feelings and relationships. The characters are Very queer and vulnerable, and playing them in an environment where you're trying to create the story of fighting what's essentially depression, with moves that invite sharing intimate reflexions, makes for an intense game that you will want to play with friends, or in your polycule.

Our session in particular was impeded by our lack of direction, and a bit of a hard time with improvisation. This can be pretty exhausting if you're not used to it, but it gives really good experiences when it works :)

Attached pictures include my character, slightly inspired by @HTHR, and a few other playbooks. Overall it's got really good game design and it's wonderful in the first sense of the word, it incites wonder. Play it if you like improvising as you go!

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re: Before the Spire Falls, long post 

@wxcafe @Ekzael @Eutrapelie

The biggest difficulty (to me at least) was that you need to make yourself very vulnerable, the game design really encourages you put yourself out there and to talk about your experience with gender, relationships, trust, how you can hurt people you care about, etc.

Plus it was my very first RPG experience so I think a game with a bit more guidance would have been easier.

But it was great and I loved it !

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