Btw, last week I read Teen Titans Raven, by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, a comic book about... you guessed it, Raven, one of the teen titans (a group of DC teen superheroes)

Aaand... it’s pretty good! Definitely a throwback to goth high school, but also it’s a pretty self-contained story about the best of the teen titans and I really like the drawing style, all washed up shades of blue-grey except the important parts. The story also has some New Orleans/voodoo sort of twist if you like that sort of things

So, yeah, try it out I guess!


@shel I mean I’m not too far into this one and admittedly I’m coming at it from a very different perspective than it was intended for afaict but it doesn’t seem too bad yet, if a bit new-agey and kinda stating evidences.

@wxcafe my experience is it sounds good at first and then as applied it kinda falls apart

@shel well, for now there’s no “applied” stuff, just reflections on the nature of relationships in general. But yeah I... I wouldn’t think applying their hippieish vision wholesale would be a good idea. I guess it can be a thought starter for normies though? Idk

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