Yesterday I finished my first “new” Polaroid spectra cartridge! Here is the husk

I’ve refilled it with a black and white cartridge! Let’s get 8 more pics

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honestly though can you believe they're discontinuing production on film for the best polaroid cameras in existence, the spectra series, to focus on 600 and i-type instead, which are vastly inferior designs? dang

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like, the spectra line has this, the ProCam, which may be the best camera design I've ever seen, and it takes larger pictures, has a sonar-based autofocus, it shows the focus distance in the viewfinder, it takes gorgeous photos... and they're focusing on modern cameras with bluetooth and shit, and cheap no-controls point-and-shoot small-image 600 cameras :/

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the trick is to use the cartridge by taking pictures to get at the juicy meat inside

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@wxcafe have you played with the sx70? they're more performant and more reliable than the spectra series, which tends to have a lot of mechanical problems

@_ nope! but they look pretty cool, though they take smaller pictures and don't have the sonar by default. I still think the ProCam's aesthetic can't be beat though :p

but also I got my spectra (original, first version) from a berlin flea market in 2010 and it works perfectly still!! idk

@wxcafe if you head up to Boston there's the Polaroid Exhibit at the MIT Museum. (I think it's still up?) All about the history of Polaroid technology and some amazing Polaroid photography

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