Anyways I got a new Polaroid camera! It’s an SX-70 Sonar, in very good condition, that I got for $65 off Craigslist. It’s loaded with 600 film right now, which is wrong for it (it’s supposed to use ISO 165 film, but I couldn’t find any in 24 hours to test the camera ^)

Anyway, I love the way it looks! It feels so good, very solid and hefty and... yknow, well built. And I mean, it’s survived at least 40 years and still works, so it provably is!

Anyway, here are pictures of the camera, along with two pics I took with it

it's only got one problem and that's that the latch that's supposed to keep it closed doesn't work very well, like it's not broken but it's... not very strong at all, and so gives out too easily. I'll bring it to a shop on saturday to see if they can do something about it

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