so one thing that also happened today is that I finished shooting the last shots of my last pack of Polaroid Spectra film.

Here are the last four shots.

this is significant because Polaroid stopped making Spectra film about a year ago, in late March 2020. So nobody is selling it anymore, you can still find a few packs here and there that have sat on a shelf for a year but you don't know how it'll come out

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and honestly I don't feel like hunting for packs of film that will start being pretty expensive soon for a camera with a plastic lens.

So basically this means that camera is now a brick. It can't shoot pictures anymore. I got it at a yard sale in Augsburg, Germany, in 2012

It's fine, I'll still be able to shoot Polaroid, and with a camera that's honestly much better: an SX-70 Sonar. But I really liked the Spectra, it had sentimental value, and the film format is different from other Polaroid film

so, yeah... Good bye, old Spectra. I wish I could have used you more

related: I need to get some black and white 600 film (yes, my sx70 has been modfiied to shoot 600 film)

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also, I really wanna try to take erotic polaroids at some point. sexual pictures is what really made polaroids work, historically: if you shot nude pictures on film, you had to get it developped, so someone else would look at it. With instant, you got the image and it remained private. Sure, sure, you could also have an idea of what your pictures would look like in general... but, yeah. Private nudes were the real selling point.

So, yeah, it would be a return to the original concept, and also since I want to learn and get better at shibari... it seems appropriate.

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