really happy with these three. they’re soft, intimate, extremely sharp and crisp, and they look really good for straight-out-of-camera jpegs without any editing. framing is close to perfect. the subjects look interesting.

i just like them

@wxcafe these are straight out of camera? damn, you had me fooled

@cinnamon yup. im so happy about the quality of the fuji jpegs <3

@cinnamon I shoot only jpegs now tbh. if the pic is good, it's good, if it's not I don't want to edit it until it is. all editing I do is small highlight or color correction, and re-framing a little bit when I'm slightly out of true. and that's pretty rare already

I'm away from a computer that can run any editing software for the summer anyway so all the pics I post here are unedited until at least september

@wxcafe sounds like a good process honestly. i've already kinda been doing the same but i may as well just commit to it at this point

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