I have my first video call with a prospective family for Rumble (my current foster cat) on Sunday, so obviously I've been making her a collar on the same model so she remembers me, on the same model I made the last one but slightly better executed

Avec @Eutrapelie (et en même temps que plein d'autres gens de part le monde) on commence a jouer a Field Guide to Memory, un jeu de rôle raconté en temps réel par... email!

La création de personnage était ce weekend, et a partir de ce Lundi l'histoire a proprement parler commence!

reposting these here because they are incredible. art by twitter.com/chootalks, see also linktr.ee/choo (though as far as I can tell they don't sell prints of these (yet??))

Anyways I got a new Polaroid camera! It’s an SX-70 Sonar, in very good condition, that I got for $65 off Craigslist. It’s loaded with 600 film right now, which is wrong for it (it’s supposed to use ISO 165 film, but I couldn’t find any in 24 hours to test the camera ^)

Anyway, I love the way it looks! It feels so good, very solid and hefty and... yknow, well built. And I mean, it’s survived at least 40 years and still works, so it provably is!

Anyway, here are pictures of the camera, along with two pics I took with it


The other part looks less neat but it looks good enough to put on my wrist, and similarly it should not move anytime soon!

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