Turns out it contains The Quiet Year, by Avery Alder!
I can’t wait to try the game! It look really interesting ♥️♦️♣️

That’s Very interesting to me for some reason... relationships that are based entirely online often feel less real than relationships that occur offline and I’m interested in how that happens and how we should consider these relationships

Another author (Paul B. Preciado) on the similarities in the requests of migrants and trans people to the state

I really like the way this text is written, using “we” as a pronoun and very often going “which is kind of like when ...”

Also I saw a talk by Maggic back at 34c3 and I’m curious to re-watch it after reading that book to see if my understanding has progressed

I mean obviously I think that’s important as someone who was born from two mothers via artificial means

The landscape of reflections about tech and the internet has changed since the 90s basically because a) we saw it wouldn’t live up to expectations and b) we all got irony poisoning.

Finally reading this again and here’s a pretty bleak look back at the failed dreams of the hackers of the 1990s, or rather what we got from the internet instead of liberation and freedom

There’s little to no ethical creation under capitalism I’m afraid

Lost my third and fourth matches 2-1 and 2-0 lol
It was still fun!! I should go more often!! In fact I think I’ll go regularly at least for Eldraine to do more limited events cause I really like that set... and it also gets me to talk to people and my “casual conversation” English gets better (and also my sociability...)

Anyway that was a good afternoon/evening!

(I got a booster box...)

Ready for the Throne of Eldraine prerelease!
(About 10 minutes before I can crack that pack...)

Reinventing social contact to integrate cyberspace, not empirically but consciously

Currently reading: Producing Futures: A Book on Post-Cyber-Feminisms by a collective of cyber-feminist artists. It’s actually the catalogue of an exhibit at Migros Museum für Gegrnwartskunst (in Zurich, Switzerland), that took place earlier this year.

long post, Death Vigil by Stjepan Sejic, comic book review 

very lewd, sex and kink depicted 

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