Current status: painting
It’s been a while...
Related: did u know? Cleaning your brushes helps with painting

History! Once again these are such amazing pictures... they are so vivid, so humane. They look like my moms’ albums, they feel so real

This image has such a joyous and powerful energy... it’s so energetic, so happy...

anyway I tried to actually make something in Tiltbrush and here's a focks

the proportions aren't great but hey it's my first 3d, uh, sculpture? painting? drawing? idk. anyways. Focks!

And now I’m reading Art After Stonewall by a collective of artists edited by Jonathan Weinberg, an anthology that explores the impact of LGBTQ activist movements on the art world and production of the time.

Discours de vieux con, peut être, mais bon pour un imprimeur ça peut se défendre (et faut avouer qu’écrire à la plume c’est joli et agréable)

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