like, the spectra line has this, the ProCam, which may be the best camera design I've ever seen, and it takes larger pictures, has a sonar-based autofocus, it shows the focus distance in the viewfinder, it takes gorgeous photos... and they're focusing on modern cameras with bluetooth and shit, and cheap no-controls point-and-shoot small-image 600 cameras :/

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Good morning! Yesterday we went to MoMA’s exhibit on Dorothea Lange’s work, which is centered on her pictures taken during the Great Depression through the war and the early 50s, and it’s stunning how modern they look ans feel... It puts in perspective the current climate. Go see it if you can! It’s on display until May 9th!

So a few months ago I got some Impossible Project film for my Spectra and guess what: it works great! This camera I haven’t been able to use for over ten years is revived and takes great (blurry) pictures!

Alas it’s the last batch, they’ve stopped producing them since October and now I’ve got 22 pictures left to take with this camera, among which 8 greyscale...

Current status: painting
It’s been a while...
Related: did u know? Cleaning your brushes helps with painting

anyway I tried to actually make something in Tiltbrush and here's a focks

the proportions aren't great but hey it's my first 3d, uh, sculpture? painting? drawing? idk. anyways. Focks!

And now I’m reading Art After Stonewall by a collective of artists edited by Jonathan Weinberg, an anthology that explores the impact of LGBTQ activist movements on the art world and production of the time.

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