Reading this right now and it’s such a good representation of depression and social anxiety and... life...

My lesbian experience with loneliness was great but I like my solo exchange diary even more...

hey so as you might have noticed from my posts from @wxcafe I was reading a webcomic today named ShootAround!

It's really good!! It's about a group of queer girls staying alive and finding love and happiness in a zombie apocalypse (yes, I know, the theme is old at this point... but it works this time!!)
I like the drawing style, and the characters are just great honestly. It's also very heartfelt and hnnn <3

anyway check it out!!! the creator is, and they have a ko-fi here

memory usage graphs for look like a heartbeat monitor and an EEG

Got back from my local comic shop with these. I don’t know what the guy there might think of me from what I buy 😬

Move to another country, forget to take your switch charger but don’t forget the four fountain pens obviously 😩

Also, always ask to try your pens before buying them. An M nib isn’t always the same as another M nib, even by the same company.

Also revived my first fountain pen from middle school with ink from the cartridge, the first traces were... pretty dark. Old ink...

Finally changed the ink in my fountain pen to something more acceptable... Mont Blanc Midnight Blue

I had to transfer the ink from my older fountain pen that still had a bit in it... :/ I need to get a new bottle

aaaaah PDFs of Dream Askew / Dream Apart have been "delivered" !!! This is so good, I can't wait to read these. I love the work of Avery Alder and her visions of queer games, and the project of the games in dialogue looks so good ❤️

Fukken hope this one’s not the one to catch fire or get flooded...

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