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Painting with an airbrush is always amazing, but I didn’t think tape masking would work so well! Basecoats are done already, this is really nice!

so now I gotta get a new airbrush and I wasted a bunch of paint, ugh

update: both of my airbrushes died in the middle of painting the thing 😩

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BUT I'm gonna take inspiration from this and use the colors @Eutrapelie suggested (rust, sand, maybe stone)

Selfie, eye contact Afficher plus

Anyway I’m gonna paint this thing I’ve had for over 10 years now and never took the time to paint... any suggestions for color scheme?

So, the new White Dwarf magazines have taken to having a section about a specific old edition. This month it’s Aug 2003 and there’s this illustration from back then which is imo stunning

bon bah ça va en fait, faut juste installer une vieille version de libprotobuf et de libicu. Bon, la mise a jour prend 2 heures, mais ça...

Ugh Malta is such an impossibly self-centered, willingly ignorant child, it almost pains me to read about her thoughts

I’m still reading Ship of Magic (by Robin Hobb, first book of the Liveship Traders), I’m at about 80% and oh my god Malta is the most despicable character I’ve ever seen since... well, at least since Regal.

Hobb has the knack to write characters that are ignorant and self-interested, and as such cultivate their own ignorance and make up plots against them by people who honestly don’t care about them, and these are seriously the people I most despise in the world. It’s pretty impressive honestly

Aujourd'hui, j'ai reçu mes BD imprimées, et elles sont juste d'une qualité superbe ! Je suis fan ! Les finitions sont impeccables, je suis aux anges. La vente en ligne est bientôt dispo, je vous préviens dès que c'est le cas^^

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