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Coucou, je vous présente un petit ronard qui habite maintenant l'instance :3



Continuing on my “getting depressed by reading inio asano” streak with A Girl on the Shore

(yes, this is a man) (I like this man's soft face and perfect eyebrows and shy smile and semi-long, soft hair, and,)

Stjepan Šejić doesn't know how to draw men and I like it (potential kink in the image)

(from the upcoming Sunstone v7,

This brick on design from my favorite author landed in the mailbox today. Looking forward to read this.

really good video by Game Maker's Toolkit on basic game design concepts to apply to your levels in Super Mario Maker (2)

What the fuck I can’t believe I actually have a plastic sister of battle. For real. I’ve been waiting for these models for over 10 years??? I’ve always wanted to play that army...

Sister of battle: acquired
Also a cold drink cause I walked an hour to the store in 32C heat

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