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This is interesting and of course also applies to heterosexuality, being cis, etc etc

whoa media remove a un vrai truc de progression maintenant c'est ouf

enfin l'ETA est complètement pétée mais t'as un total et une progression quoi

And also from now on I’m reading this and I’ll be talking about it on here

Btw, last week I read Teen Titans Raven, by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, a comic book about... you guessed it, Raven, one of the teen titans (a group of DC teen superheroes)

Aaand... it’s pretty good! Definitely a throwback to goth high school, but also it’s a pretty self-contained story about the best of the teen titans and I really like the drawing style, all washed up shades of blue-grey except the important parts. The story also has some New Orleans/voodoo sort of twist if you like that sort of things

So, yeah, try it out I guess!

Turns out it contains The Quiet Year, by Avery Alder!
I can’t wait to try the game! It look really interesting ♥️♦️♣️

Well, I just finished the book (the “art pieces” part was really good but harder to put in pictures) and it was really interesting...
Guess I’m giving that to @amphetamine tomorrow

Also do go and watch the CCC talk by Maggic here!

That’s Very interesting to me for some reason... relationships that are based entirely online often feel less real than relationships that occur offline and I’m interested in how that happens and how we should consider these relationships

Another author (Paul B. Preciado) on the similarities in the requests of migrants and trans people to the state

I really like the way this text is written, using “we” as a pronoun and very often going “which is kind of like when ...”

Also I saw a talk by Maggic back at 34c3 and I’m curious to re-watch it after reading that book to see if my understanding has progressed

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