Lecture du moment: Moi ce que j鈥檃ime c鈥檈st les monstres, d鈥Emil Ferris. Comic book/鈥淩oman graphique鈥 sur la vie d鈥檜ne enfant dans le chicago des ann茅es 60 et... eh bah, les monstres, justement

On a jou茅 脿 Navigator avec @wxcafe , c'茅tait bien sympa - petit jeu de r么le 脿 deux avec un-e guide/navigateurice et un-e client-e qui cherchent ensemble une salle capable de transformer les d茅sirs en r茅alit茅. Quel est le voeu ? Vont-iels trouver la pi猫ce ? Nous oui - on a 茅t茅 guid茅 par une fum茅e arc-en-ciel 8)


One thing I really like about Apocalypse World is the way it manages and explains these sorts of things. Like, yeah, if your players only interact with the mechanics, that's no good.... so make them interact with the story. Like, as opposed to just waiting for them to do it naturally? push them to it, gently.

getting even more ready for the holidays. Adding some color to my holiday card #illustration
merch available soon.

at least I found something to use that not-dyed-through, hard-as-hell leather for. Not getting any of that again lol

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if I made a second one it would look much better but alas! I don't give enough of a fuck to make a second one

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I just finished making this mtg deck box with scraps that I had left from my first pieces of leather! It doesn鈥檛 look great because I tested a few things on it and also didn鈥檛 take too much care while making it, but it works and it鈥檚 handmade!

hey, i'm releasing new music next friday! check it out!


there's one track you can listen to right now while it's up for pre-order


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