Salut Mastodon !

J'essaie de revenir un peu par ici.

Je viens de finir la BD 'Anais Nin sur la mer des mensonges' par Léonie Bischoff et c'était très beau.

Please look at the hand printed linocut card my girlfriend made

PDX printing outfit making some legitimate gardening journals. Talked to the machine-runner; and yeah! Struggling through the pandemic sometimes translates to ¨recently pushed out due to gentrification!¨. We´d like to support them in their efforts to stay local.

Hey local #PDX art shops and other creatives with print publication needs, consider them:


this kickstarter project, "A Field Guide to Memory", looks really cool! It's a "subscription" to daily journaling prompts for a month, that take you through the story of someone learning about the death of their mentor, who went missing 5 years ago...

Nude figure in heavy red ballpoint, result of video just posted.

Now reading the beginning place by Ursula K. Le Guin

First novel of her that I read, the title seemed to indicate that it was a good place to... begin. So here we are


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