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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


(u kno, just in case there are any synagogues, queer music groups, or other interested parties who are on the lookout for a Hip Cool Thing to throw some money at...)

i am just ~putting it out there~ ~into the world~ but i would very much love to do a setting of Kalonymus ben Kalonymus's "Even Boḥan" (in whole or in part) b/c even if it was originally intended as satire, it is an Entire Jewish Transfeminine MOOD


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reviewers who tag the artists they're writing about when they post their reviews on social media are braver than the Marines

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"As a global community of artists, we can learn to be more sensitive to the needs of Indigenous artists and communities, but it means adopting a willingness to move beyond escapism towards an aware and politically active culture. As sound artists we have learned to listen to the most minute detail of sound. Can we learn to listen to one another?" ~ tanner menard

Collateral Damage: Indigenous Voices - The Wire

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Part two of this multi-voiced interview with some other brilliant folks is now live on ! We're all talking about making that intersects with and crosses lines of identity, and I think it's very worth a read!


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If you are a musician or sound artist and you urgently need 'native' support for audio uploads on mastodon, you can (and please do!) vote (thumbs up) or ideally write a short comment on the issue on github: "Allow users to post audio files #4827"

It looks like support is almost there but still not really implemented. Votes for this can raise the priority of this much needed feature.


(please boost!)

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"some of this is slightly . . . pointed", i say, sending my editor a collection of maces, morning stars, and fanciful medieval torture devices

i get being bored with John Cage 4'33" jokes; i *don't* get shaming or scorning people who *aren't* bored with them. let people enjoy things?

oh no i'm going to have to make a trashy punk album about all of this aren't i

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Being privileged and awake means you have to hold the duality of benefitting directly from systems you are working against.

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me, in my brain constantly whenever other people speak: just! use! they!

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