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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


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selfie, eye contact Afficher plus

sometimes i feel like a complete imposter who knows nothing about contemporary classical music and then sometimes i can look at a percussion ensemble's publicity photo and identify *exactly* which piece they are playing in it

long post countering a transphobic claim Afficher plus

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if a Jewish religious poem is really helping with your mental health, does that make it Afficher plus

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Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

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complaining Afficher plus

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open education Afficher plus

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i love being queer. i love being trans and bi and existing in a world that so many people have no idea exists. It feels like when you are playing a video game and the map changes into like a dream version or something, like in Link to the Past. We walk around in the same physical space, but a completely different life, a different world. i love it #dirtTour

hello new people from tumblr! here's an post! i'm a and (and and sometimes too) with a foot in both and / / . i used to be a pretty active player, but it's been a while since i've picked up my instrument (tho hopefully that will change next year!) i'm pretty fond of , and a lot of my work focuses on / issues and

in addition, i'm an award-winning ( ) with an emphasis on the areas that i'm a composer in. currently i'm writing mostly for National Sawdust's Log Journal, but i've also published quite a few pieces at VAN Magazine

i have a general social account for memes and casual interaction and stuff over at @glitternoodle , but no worries if that's not your jam!

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Cool take: Amateur art has value. Folk art has value. Art with technical problems has value.

It's not appropriate to judge all art by professional metrics. The value individual practice may come from places unrelated to how a third party views or experiences the piece.

Art for community, art for therapy and art just to pass the time are all good. More people should do art.

accountability thing around money Afficher plus

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selfies with eye contact Afficher plus

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things my dream!brain is not capable of: generating the notation for the opening of the fourth movement of the Maslanka bassoon sonata from memory of the sound alone

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might fuck around and start a Patreon in 2019

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