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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


first of all, with air support all things are possible, so jot that down — ancient woodwind proverb

day by day, cracked approach by cracked approach i am slowly beating this tritone slur into a high Eb into submission

so many people operate under the tedious delusion that sucking the joy out of things makes them More Mature and Sophisticated (and hence Greater Art) when in reality it so often does *exactly* the reverse

ICYMI: I saw violin superstar at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Monday and wrote all about it — from Azerbaijani fiddle dances to sonic miscalculations — for :


the play i'm writing right now is currently called "Insomniacs", and YES i *do* find it ironic when i can't sleep and wind up working on it in the small hours of the morning

i have decided i Like multiphonics and want to do more with them

TIL that international violin superstar Midori has a degree in gender studies from NYU

forgot that i was gonna be standing for this entire LPR show (b/c i cannot afford the food minimum for the sitting seats) and it is possible the shoes i'm wearing were . . . not the wisest choice for this

i long to regain the innocence and optimism of the young composer who just asked me what the "standard" way to notate a specific bassoon multiphonic is

i have just stumbled on a recording of the Saint-Saëns bassoon sonata played on bass clarinet and i am only just past the first entrance and it is already one of the most cursèd things i have ever heard

On Site Opera produced my favorite opera of all time in a perfect setting with a solid cast and an utterly incoherent phalanx of Directorial Concepts. Read all about the resulting train wreck in : nationalsawdust.org/thelog/201

i *think* i have the Harbison wind quintet stuck in my head but it could also be . . . . so many other 20th/21st-century pieces of chamber music, so guess who's gonna be doing some spelunking in my music library later?

(also guess who wants to play the Harbison wind quintet now)

hrrrrrrgh halfway there (........living on a prayer)

I'm not saying the best part of this past weekend's at was a startled violinist, but there was a startled violinist and it was Quality Entertainment — read all about it in my latest for : nationalsawdust.org/thelog/201

ok, i'm going offline for, uh, *checks notes* Day Number Eight and Torah Day (This Time With Dancing), apparently, i'll see y'all Tuesday night!

Have you ever wanted to leave it all behind and just . . . go become a tree? Orna, the main character in Grey Grant's new , sure has, and she set out to do just that. Read all about it in my latest for : nationalsawdust.org/thelog/201

for those playing along at home, i have twenty five hours, thirty seven minutes, and thirty five seconds of Olivier Messiaen's music chilling on my hard drive and i just listened to . . . all of it

Brin Solomon a partagé

Central Brooklyn Food Coop is finally happening! Help them get started with this Kickstarter 🙂

They're by and for a mostly black community, and are going to be working to improve the links between regional farms and the city. Big ambitions for a food coop, and a welcome alternative to the often-less-revolutionary Park Slope Food Coop.

#FoodCoop #BedfordStuyvestant #Brooklyn #Cooperative

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