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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


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It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

apparently reading my latest play made my therapist "very anxious", so i'd say i achieved what i set out to do

does the stress of performing the Good Trans Narrative for skeptical doctors ever make you want to scream directly into medical gatekeepers' obnoxious faces? i wrote a song about that! you can hear it live along with many other rad songs that take the music theatre canon and spin it in a deliciously queer direction next month at Joe's Pub in NYC: broadwayworld.com/cabaret/arti

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the fact that there are ten million different genres of music in 4/4 with drums and guitars but that a century of recorded music from literally hundreds of different countries is expected to just fit under the absurd "world music" umbrella tell you all you need to know about the white mindset

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Not everything you enjoy needs to be a mandate

If you like hiking, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t hiked in a while

Stop making your own hobbies compulsory!

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narrator: ah, there goes Brin, purposefully walking around town with a determined look on their face, i wonder what music they have running thru their head right now?

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"Brin, what the fuck are you doing?"
idfk, does it look like i have 2020 vision???

look, i am aware that the song i wrote is in fact Obnoxiously Difficult and that there is a Much Easier Way the ending could have been written, but unfortunately the song is only funny as written so you're going to have to learn it the right way and not hold a note thru several bars of rest, ok?

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even a poor tailor is entitled to little a happiness!

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This image has such a joyous and powerful energy... it’s so energetic, so happy...

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one of those days when you have the climax of Hindemith's concert of angels stuck in your head and filling your heart as you round the corner from a narrow alley to a broad avenue and catch a mote of sun piercing down from the wrapping of a high, chilly cloud

for some reason i cannot add descriptions when there are multiple photos??? but the first photo is "hallucinations" in shorthand, the second is "imagine" in shorthand, the third is "hammer" in shorthand, and the last is "water" in shorthand

wrote an entire play in shorthand (mostly) and here are some of the words i used a lot in it whose forms i particularly liked

1) hallucinations
2) imagine
3) hammer
4) water

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*listening to Hindemith* there should be more Disaster Ragtime arrangements of Bach fugues

i guess technically sex related 

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