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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


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CATS is a furry ballet set to 80s dance music and power ballades and i will not hear one bad word against it

i'm in full-color print! i wrote about representation in the US world for Symphony Magazine, and the PDF of the article is up on their website now! Give it a read: americanorchestras.org/images/

call me an obsessive perfectionist all you like, version 37 of this ending in definitely better than any of the previous 36

"Is it possible to make a formal rigorous study of conspiracy theories? The task seems self-punishing, like trying to housebreak a chicken"
— Elizabeth Kolbert, "That's What You Think", The New Yorker (22 April, 2019), p 29

"Neil Armstrong was one of the few [men who walked on the moon] who had a mostly steady, unremarkable post-moonwalk life. He moved to a dairy farm and became a professor at the University of Cincinnati. Nearly a decade after his trip to the moon, he wrote a poem called 'My Vacation':

Nine Summers ago, I went for a visit.
To see if the moon was green cheese.
When we arrived, people on earth asked: 'Is it?'
We answered: 'No cheese, no bees, no trees.'

There were rocks and hills and a remarkable view
Of the beautiful earth that you know.
It's a nice place to visit, and I'm certain that you
Will enjoy it when you get to go."
— Rivka Galchen, "The Eighth Continent", The New Yorker (6 May, 2019), p 53

Neil Armstrong: confirmed adorkable

oh my g-d i just saw a call for scores that requires you to attend the conference where they're being performed but *does not even waive the conference registration fee*

(it's, yes, a call hoping to diversify new music)

"In many respects, Godzilla is hard to distinguish from Elton John. Terrible temper? Check. Professional longevity? Check. Tireless vocal vigor? Check. They even share a fondness for baseball parks as suitable arenas for their skills"

Anthony Lane, "Heavenly Creatures", The New Yorker (Jun 10+17, 2019), p 93

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selfie (eye contact) Afficher plus

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selfies Afficher plus

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about to pull a major Chaos Gay and attempt to redo my own undercut using a makeup mirror to see the back of my head

food, therapy Afficher plus

long post abt transphobia & music journalism where i ask for money Afficher plus

there's this medieval two-part Russian plainchant that would be AMAZING done up on two electric guitars and yet for SOME REASON no one has done this yet and every day the absence of this cover version torments me

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honestly still can't quite believe that 'fuck nazis' is now a controversial statement. if the rest of -gestures vaguely- wasn't enough to convince me, this proves that we're living in a simulation

anyway, fuck nazis

are we going to claim Hildegard as a "proto-lesbian"? mmmmmmaybe. are we going to say that her map of the universe is *extremely* vaginal? ABSOLUTELY. i had a lovely time talking with two of the founders of and wrote up our conversation for : nationalsawdust.org/thelog/201

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when, oh when! i ask, will we turn our wardrobes into *peace*drobes???

[Oberon voice] this falls out better than i could devise!

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my scarves are holding hands because they are lesbians and they are in love

someone linked me to something that linked me to this recently and it reminded me how much i fuckn love extravagant arrangements of the Rite of Spring. in that spirit, please link me to your favorite gonzo arrangements of this Timeless Orchestral Classique™ (esp ones that stick the ending! this one, like the original, doesn't quite manage it imo)


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