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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!

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my friend Jaz interviewed me about the Friday evening prayerbook i put together, and the results are now up in Hey Alma! read on to find out tasty details like where the neopronoun i use for G-d came from, what i think about how to build an inclusive future for Judaism, and when i plan to take a nap:

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ok so if i'm reading the hit counter correctly, i *think* we just reached a major milestone for the Inclusive Siddur Project: i think we've now had at least 1,000 visitors since the site launched. pretty nifty for what's basically a one-person project!

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selfie with eye contact, shameless self-promotion 

not to be like "come see my show, im hot", but come see my show, im hot

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hello, parts of Mastodon that are around when i am usually offline and asleep >:)

i have a new play that is going up on Zoom this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. it's weird and creepy and tender and queer, and you can get free tickets at this link:

trailer below, for which i recommend having your sound ✨on✨

#theatre #theater #YearOfTransCreativity

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outside the conservatory at the new york botanical garden

Mamiya RB67, 90mm f/3.8 & 150mm f/4, Kodak Portra 400

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just got out of a rehearsal for this, and! milestone unlocked: Despoina made our director cry while reading the final monologue :D

y'all this production is going to be *so* good i am STOKED

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🚨 signups are live!!! 🚨 do you want to see a cool new theatre piece that's funny and creepy and thoughtful and weird and queerer than a three-dollar bill in Soviet Russia? come see the online reading of my new show, Insomniacs! a whole bunch of kickass queer and trans artists have put a bucketload of work into this project and i *could not* be more excited with how it's coming together — free reservations available here:

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happy Bandcamp Friday! i have no steady income rn, so if you like what i do and want some fun boppy clarinet music, consider kicking some money my way so i can continue affording things like "food", "toilet paper", and "rent". that'd be real neat of you <3

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cross processing ektachrome in c41 really does give interesting results huh. I love the colors and the light on this, it looks... out of this world, and yet evokes exactly the feeling of the subway at night

thank you to everyone who tuned in to the livestreamed premiere of my oboe sonata this past Thursday! for those of you who couldn't make it — or who just want another listen — the video recording of the piece is now live for you to check out whenever you want! :D

just. just,,, just play F# major → Bb major → D⁷ over C and tell me it isn't Good and Tasty in the ears!!!!!

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what are you talking about, a D 4/2 chord totally works as a half-cadence harmony in the context of F# major look, it's right there in the third relations

among other pieces, the recital features a really lovely suite by Ulysses Kay, so it's got something for everyone and is sure to be a good time. i would love to "see" you there in cyberspace!

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/all the days of your vain life/ is a piece about existentialism, grappling with despair, and staring directly into the abyss and making the conscious, deliberate choice to build joy anyway. it is a lyrical, pyrotechnic tour-de-force for both performers and i love it so much. if you've ever read the book of Ecclesiastes/Qohélet and been like "hm, i wish this were an oboe sonata written by an insane transsexual", WELL HOWDY IS THIS THE PIECE FOR YOU

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ok, here we go!!!! COULD NOT BE MORE STOKED to announce that Rebecca Mindock and Doreen Lee will be giving the SparklesWORLD PREMIERESparklesof my sonata for oboe and piano, /all the days of your vain life/, on Thurs, 19 Aug, at 7:30pm ET:

this is a really important piece to me, as it marks a big turning point in my musical development — my first encounter with Standard Broadway Song Form, the first piece where i was *using* harmony instead of harmony just kind of . . . happening to me, and so much more

there are a thousand little compositional tricks i first learned how to pull in this piece, and i'm so deeply proud of the result. it's a work that's near and dear to my heart, and i've wanted to have a really good recording of it for years and years and years

and now i finally do! the performers and technicians did a really incredible job with this — the second movement in particular is just. exquisite! — and it means so much to finally be able to send the audible version of this piece out into the world like this

i hope you click on over and take a listen; it would really mean a lot <3

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<Victor Frankenstein voice> IT'S LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could not possibly be more stoked that the recording of my clarinet sonata is now available for your auditory perusal and delight over on my Bandcamp page — click on over and give it a listen!

me, writing a fugue that no one actually demanded be a fugue, i just decided to make it a fugue for kicks: what do you *mean* i have to *write counterpoint* and not just transpose the subject to enter at different pitch levels [the shockedest of shocked Pikachu faces]

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