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Wondering what to put in the description field on an image? A quick guide:
1. Just say what's in the image--you don't need to say it's an image.
2. Describe only what's relevant to the conversation. "Annalee writing in a notebook" or "An example of candid portraiture" or "A person using a fountain pen" are all good captions of the same image, in different contexts.
3. All text that's meant to be read should be transcribed. Screencap? Transcribe. Sign in background of selfie? Don't transcribe.

just tried to spell it "learicks" instead of "lyrics", AMA

long post about theatre being "universal" Afficher plus

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Wondering how people randomly find your posts?

Chronological timelines 👌

Hashtags for all public posts 👍

Federated and local timeline! 💙🙏

The federated timeline is "the whole known universe", look at it as curated by the other people you share a server with. 👏

And local timeline is the server (instance as we call it) you're on. 😎😘🤗

Look for "hello world" and bad jokes about toots, then greet at least one other new person! 👋

i'm doing it i'm writing the fucking goddamn monologue

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I have bad news.

I just dropped the hottest album of 2018 and... it broke. Just shattered all over the floor.

I'm really sorry.

long post about Judaism and Justice/accountability and forgiveness Afficher plus

i don't know why past!me didn't add a little echo of the voice in the piano here, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it was because it is Harmonically Impossible and my next twenty minutes are about to be filled with Regret

food mention Afficher plus

nonbinary erasure, money, silly Afficher plus

(it would be so much easier if i believed in G-d, if i thought i could trust haShem to bring down judgement and justice and fix the broken places of the world, but i don't. there is no power under heaven save for us, none to work for righteousness save ourselves. it is on us, it is on us, it is on us. may we have the strength, courage, and wisdom to do what must be done)

Israel/Palestine, fasting, death mention Afficher plus

the surreal and extremely specific experience of seeing an ensemble you just wrote a bunch of publicity copy for busking in the subway on your way home

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hmmm time to choose a name for a shitty gatekeepery transphobic physiologist completely at random...

selfie, eye contact Afficher plus

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maybe I never announced this, but I recently released an EP with field recordings and electronics! check it out on bandcamp:

i'm modulating back from a bridge in G to a chorus in Eb, but the first chord in the chorus is B major and WOW is this a garbage use of key signatures

this tempo is absolutely correct at the beginning and absolutely too slow by measure twenty and there are absolutely no tempo changes in between