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one of my actors described my music in rehearsal today as "pretty but mean" and honestly like put that on my grave

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on Tuesday i turned in the rehearsal draft of the master's thesis musical i wrote with AriDy Nox this past year, and here are some fun facts and figures about it!

- number of pages: 185, of which 132 are musical score
- number of musical cues: 25
- lines of LilyPond code (excluding style sheets): 15,191
- length of all MIDI files combined (all vamps played once and rubato not executed): 1 hr, 4 min, 41 sec
- cut songs: 10, all from Act I, totaling 8,696 lines of code and 37 min, 53 sec of MIDI
- number of meter changes: lmao u wish i have no way to count this, but i can tell you 100% the most common meter is 3/4 and the least common is 4/5

hey look at that, it's almost dawn

"average musical changes time signature seven times per minute" factoid actually just statistical error. Musicals Brin, who lives in a cave in Manhattan and changes time signature 10,000 times per song, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

ugh all i gotta do is modulate by either a tritone or a minor third depending on how you interpret the harmonic context why is this such a strug

105 lines of lyric to set before i sleep tonight

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My friend: Hey do you want to watch this classic queer film? Full disclosure, it's kind of trashy


writing chords so dense you can't tell the difference between scales and arpeggios

"MMBU" but it stands for "measures and measures of bloody underscoring"

i don't listen to 's often these days, but every time i do, i am flabbergasted anew at just how many of its melodies get stuck in my head still as random musical snippets i regard as fragments of my previous musical life, shorn from their context and hopelessly unidentifiable due to the passage of the years

i have to write five solid pages worth of underscoring today pray for me

this isn't a shitpost, i'm genuinely really proud of having written this gossamer counterpoint

tfw you drop from seven contrapuntal voices to two and you can actually feel your brain stop overclocking

"almost out of the contrapuntal woods!", they say cheerfully, blithely adding another voice to the fugue and ignoring the solid page of lyric they have yet to set

me: *warms up by playing Bach each time i sit down to compose*
also me: *has no idea how to write a keyboard fugue in more than two voices*

talking about gender identity labels Afficher plus

i'll just make the piano part a fugue in inversion, i said, this will in no way complicate my life even slightly, i said...

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