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the videos from my are now live! click on over and give them a watch, and share with ppl who you think would appreciate them!

here's the link to the playlist itself — see thread below for content notes if those are things you want/need!


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i recently had a conversation with someone who had never even heard of Philip Glass and honestly? it was kind of refreshing

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What straight people think we want: another gaybashing tearjerker

What we want: gay space rogues going on adventures, breaking gay hearts at every port

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my co-worker's computer just updated and gave him a new background that's a giant sand dune and he turned around and showed me and my first instinct was to be like "oh! your computer has entered Numbers now!" but then i remembered that he is not familiar with Hebrew names for books of the Bible and thus would not get this Very Clever b'midbar joke so i decided to put it Here

it's like it was trying to be Spooky but then kind of ran out of steam and i'm right there with you bb

there is some ghostly Sad Calliope Music floating around our office with no discernable source and i . . . don't mind it

re: long post about politics, changing the world for the better, and existentialist/nihilist hope (with some animal death) Afficher plus

long post about politics, changing the world for the better, and existentialist/nihilist hope Afficher plus

hey uh, quick PSA, but "sound design" and "amplification" are Very not synonymous

i know i like to put on airs of being "classy" and a "serious composer person" but hot DAMN nothing gets me like a good whole-step modulation at the end of a pop song

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long post about intersecting systems of oppression sparked by calls for scores from female composers Afficher plus

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food Afficher plus

and that's the lot! (there are three other songs that we didn't do in this cabaret, and i have Rewrites Planned, so Stay Tuned For Further Developments!) i made the posts unlisted so i didn't clog up the public timeline, but the vids are all there individually if u just wanna retweet one song/sequence. enjoy!

"Passing" is a song about passing as cis that includes an implied sexual assault and murder as well as a fairly explicit suicide. "New Year's Eve" is a song about hope


"Life Thru Plexiglass" is about dissociation and picking at beard hairs with tweezers to the point of drawing blood. "touch me" is an *extremely* NSFW song about kinky sex as borderline self-harm


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