users on my mastodon instances don't react to server announcements with emojos, and it makes me sad. Please react to my announcements so I know you've seen them!!

anyway since they ended production of spectra film I guess I'm gonna get an i-type OneStep 2, since it doesn't have all the bluetooth bullshit of the OneStep +

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polaroids are good but I tried to take a b&w selfie with my gf in the bathroom mirror and turns out the sonar autofocus did what it was supposed to do and focused on the mirror, which means the mirror is crisp but our reflections in the mirror are completely out of focus lol

who'd have thought mirrors don't reflect sounds

the trick is to use the cartridge by taking pictures to get at the juicy meat inside

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like, the spectra line has this, the ProCam, which may be the best camera design I've ever seen, and it takes larger pictures, has a sonar-based autofocus, it shows the focus distance in the viewfinder, it takes gorgeous photos... and they're focusing on modern cameras with bluetooth and shit, and cheap no-controls point-and-shoot small-image 600 cameras :/

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honestly though can you believe they're discontinuing production on film for the best polaroid cameras in existence, the spectra series, to focus on 600 and i-type instead, which are vastly inferior designs? dang

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I’ve refilled it with a black and white cartridge! Let’s get 8 more pics

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Good morning! Yesterday we went to MoMA’s exhibit on Dorothea Lange’s work, which is centered on her pictures taken during the Great Depression through the war and the early 50s, and it’s stunning how modern they look ans feel... It puts in perspective the current climate. Go see it if you can! It’s on display until May 9th!

Also we went to the movies and saw parasite and god, go watch parasite if you haven’t yet. It’s so fucking good. I don’t understand how this movie got awards. It’s so good

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