more Q train at prospect park

still Fuji X-T30, first is 18mm f/2.8, ISO 3200 1/20s, second is 18mm f/10, ISO 320 5s

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I am in fact planning on making uhhh better, more complex collars at some point

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it is also a pretty simple collar, single-sided (the inside is not doubled, it's just the rough part of the leather, which is fine because... well, she's got fur), the edge work is pretty bare, etc

but like. it's a collar for a cat, it'll fit her fine, it has her name on it, idk

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and yes don't worry I know it needs to be able to break out easily to prevent the cat choking. It can, the buckle will break easily in case of need

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I have my first video call with a prospective family for Rumble (my current foster cat) on Sunday, so obviously I've been making her a collar on the same model so she remembers me, on the same model I made the last one but slightly better executed

these were shot on Polaroid 600 film, with an SX-70. The first is the exterior stairs on the West 8th Street / New York Aquarium subway station, the second is just... rocks on the coney island beach, and the ocean

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Avec @Eutrapelie (et en même temps que plein d'autres gens de part le monde) on commence a jouer a Field Guide to Memory, un jeu de rôle raconté en temps réel par... email!

La création de personnage était ce weekend, et a partir de ce Lundi l'histoire a proprement parler commence!


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