So, I was talking to a very close friend, who is kinda trying to find himself, his leanings, ideas, feelings, and he was wondering, where is the border, or difference between being a cross-dresser and being a genderqueer? It was quite an interesting question to which I had no answer.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or good pointer to information online?

#queer #lgbtqi+ #crossdressing

Tried to color in an ink sketch. Really like the results C:

“Something he’d found and lost so many times. It belonged, he knew – he remembered – as she pulled him down, to the meat, the flesh the cowboys mocked. It was a vast thing, beyond knowing, a sea of information coded in spiral and pheromone, infinite intricacy that only the body, in its strong blind way, could ever read.”
― William Gibson, Neuromancer

Some thoughts have been slushing around in my brain juices about something which has proved controversial on this platform. I've meant to post about it for a very long time but have been put off by the extreme reactions I've encountered from people before. And now I'm thinking, that's kind of a shitty thing to be put off by, maybe I can try and invite more careful discussion. This will be CW'd but do still be warned that this is an upsetting and difficult topic!

I'm aware that this does not make too much sense to others, since it's like talking about something one imagines and cannot show, it's quite elusive, but here it is anyway, rambling about a desire, a need for blurred vision to come to the light, to be offered... I hope it soon leads to concrete things.

Woke up - again - with all the pictures in my head. The project, the code, the dress-up, the make-up, the streaming, the stories, the lights, and, of course, the music, the lyrics, the video, the glitchiness all over, the goth, the tech-noir vibe, the A.I.... and... The Coming Out.

trans women don't owe you hyperfemininity and their validity isn't based on how well they pass

feeling all queer, all dressed up.

time to make more sound, music, fix audio, and then some.

"outlaw sensibilities,
self-made kinships,
chosen lineages,
utopic futurity,
exilic commitment,
and rage at institutions that police the borders of the normal --"

George Dan. NN.

They vanished.
They always hid.
The early, the first
cyberlovestory ov
the internet,
infatuation, blind,
when it was realpolitik
finger protokol
documents are on-line
and we kontinue
to build labirintz.

No more, yet still,
eksisting in
kollektive subkonscious

rezistencija +++//+++
ascii army of the east

Just bought loads of sexy underwear and can't wait to put it all on and feel the érotisme... It's poetic but also lewd. It's about touch and sensuality and special smell and air and vibe and mood and colors. It's about feeling good about your body, despite the fact that it's a fetišizme ov objets. When you add zvukove seksi muzike all becomes nasti masti sise maće. Let's get down in a sleazenajšn. Smell smell smell and fukc your way out of kolonializme. Not posibl, zname zname.

#ArtificialIntelligence is a PHANTASM.

Any technology previously dreamed of as part of A.I. field that gets fully realised and enters a concrete functional realm is pushed out of the field and becomes transparent.

This process is fully intertwined with a cultural process of demystification and dissappearance of possible artificial consciousness associated with it.

It vanishes and continues to occupy its place within the phantasm. In that sense, the A.I. is some kind of a collective f[ra]ud...

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Ok, I've been silent, but I'm cooking.

I'm brewing shit.

There's so much to say but it's also extremely emotional and I have a desire to come out in a way, but I'm far from sure about it and it's overwhelming because it's not a clear cut thing.

I'm not gay, and I have no gender dysphoria, but I feel like a certain side of me that wants to communicate with the outside world is not communicating.

It's dark and sad and genderqueer and very lonely and frustrated and also happy and full of tears and wanting to show everyone how loneliness is such a bittersweet feeling that you cling on and feels so good to surf the glitches of the matrix or whatever you call the back-side channels.

Hey world, me and @nitesh are wondering if there are any totally audio memes. Like, is this a thing? What is a non-visual meme? I was thinking that’s basically a jingle or earworm, but I suspect that ‘earwormness’ is only half of memeness.

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