If Bruce Sterling's name on twitter is balkan slavic (Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian, Bosnian..) transliteration "Boris Srebro" does that mean that the future of cyb/r/e/punk belongs to the balkans?

ok ok, I know, white male cis het etc... of course, but anyway, kul jebote? voli on balkance!

I was able to see these guys when they came through Amsterdam a few months ago. Such a great show.


" The concept of a Balkan federation emerged in the late 19th century from among left political forces in the region. The central aim was to establish a new political unity: a common federal republic unifying the Balkan Peninsula on the basis of internationalism, socialism, social solidarity, and economic equality. The underlying vision was that despite differences among the Balkan peoples the historical need for emancipation was a common basis for unification. "


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Photo by nickkarvounis on Unsplash

tired: cloth face masks protecting from germs and viruses

wired: face masks with bright lines and near-infrared LEDs to evade neural networks for face detection

"The success of today’s booming biometrics industry resides in its promise to rapidly measure an objective, truthful, and core identity from the surface of a human body, often for a mixture of commercial, state, and military interests. Yet, feminist communications scholar Shoshana Amielle Magnet has described this neoliberal enterprise as producing “a cage of information,” a form of policing, surveillance, and structural violence that is ableist, classist, homophobic, racist, sexist, and transphobic."


mashup vs. glowing-edges vs. density-map vs. pareidolia (seed: 25062)

the fourth picture mysetiously wouldnt show but i figured it out
which means i can now actually declare this Finished

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