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PSA: Jumping in my mentions with a cryptocurrency logo for an avatar is a real good way to get yourself blocked.

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Apologies if I don't have the patience to let you educate me, an artist, on how NFTs are really the only way artists can even get paid for our work. I'm busy marvelling at how closely crypto replicates the same old Capitalist market bullshit that has kept the majority of artists destitute for centuries.

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... and some pages from a (sorely overdue) work in progress, "Prisoner's Cinema". In it, I explore phenomena to visualise the mental effects of on inmates. Like before, &c

Seriously, I need to relax a bit with those image descriptions...

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Here are a few sample pages from my book of "When the Last Story is Told" (2015). I may have gone overboard with the image descriptions...

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Time for re-

I am an on the border between comics and . My current work is and , and is also a main source for my .

I give with musician Allan Grønvall, link in bio.

Did my MA in on and reading schema as . That's quite a mouthful, so I rolled it up in a neologism — , which I am currently exploring in a print anthology, podcast series and website.

On this account I'm prone to toot unsolicited thoughts on whatever or I let wash over me at any given time, or just the latest shiny thing I saw on the internet... Apologies in advance!

My posts on @uncomics are usually less scattershot.

We absolutely love seeing how helpful the FOSS / Thunderbird community is here on the Fediverse. Unlike every other social platform we're on, you're constantly helping each other with issues.

And we sincerely appreciate that, since it's basically one person handling all the comms.

Rock on, Thunderbird family!

A mass for you to untangle: Peony Gent on her comics and installation art

Between her ambiguous comics, gorgeous illustrations, installation art, and quilt making(!), Peony Gent is a renaissance multi-hyphenate.

In this episode, she sits down with host @haverholm to explain how they’re all connected, creating gaps for her readers’ interpretations to live in, and to declare her great love for Dungeons and Dragons.

#artiststalk #uncomics #podcast #comics

I'm usually critical of the linearity imposed on comics by the mainstream industry, but let's not forget that Jim Steranko made this bonkers opening page for an issue of Captain America in 1969!

Tell you the truth, it's more Mondrian than Marvel.
#uncomics #marvelcomics #steranko!

Hello new people!

You can find lots of tips for using Mastodon (and the Fediverse) written in non-technical language at:


It includes sections on getting started, tips for beginners, advanced tips, safety, accessibility and more.

The site should hopefully answer your questions, but if there's something missing or unclear just @ me or message me.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Wait, did cohost just implode? I see allegations that moderators refused to ban cp, but I can't confirm it from outside sources.

Viewed narrowly, it might appear that the web "went wrong" over the last 15 years. But what really happened was that a system which emerged out of public institutions in the early 1990s became increasingly commodified and integrated into global capitalism, such that today it might be tricky to imagine capitalism without its web aspect. #internet

One of my current bookmarks has an intriguing inscription on it. I know that it probably said 110 at one point, and that I most likely wrote it myself, but now I prefer to interpret it as a very emphatic "o", channeled from a prehistoric intelligence.

In terms of an online or cloud file repo, I'll be fine with an ftp front like or . Calendars+contacts will sync on a *dav install.

It might seem more complicated with several different solutions, but at the same time I feel genuine relief not having to deal with "Nextcloud is a federated social groupware now, wat?!"

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After running as a personal server for most of a decade, I'm looking to downgrade a bit. I find it eventually becomes a dumping ground for stuff I don't really need to have online at all times.

First up, finding a simpler photo syncing and backup solution. I'm leaning toward , possibly to keep mobile photos backed up to my home server. I'll need to find a script that then moves that backup to monthly folders in a separate location + archives them at each month's end.

Another that kind of went over time because I to and fro'ed. Maybe it's 7mins combined?

The astute follower will begin to deduce what pens and colours I have within reach at my work station.

Did somebody say ... "Greek avantgarde animated collage remix of a Stephen King made-for-TV movie"? 🤔🤔🤔

The Timekeepers of Eternity (2021)

Android is technically #opensource, but the version you have on your phone and its default apps probably aren't. Let's take a look at a few things you can do to make your Android device a little bit more open:

It really fascinates me how many people can read and then study Tolkien with all its sad fading aristocratic elves and born-evil orcs and ages-lost Kings whose only qualification for rulership is their Naturally Superior Genetics and come away thinking "well. if there's a Big Theme in all this work, there's certainly one thing it's Not about in the least: conservative early 20th century attitudes to Race. absolutely no racial essentialism, here, that's for sure"

If you have an indepdently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server using a special plug-in. This means that people on Mastodon etc. can follow your blog and interact with it.

You can install it on your blog by logging into the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, then search for "ActivityPub". The plug-in you want is called "ActivityPub" and is by Matias Pfefferle.

You can also see more info about it at and the author is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

Once it's installed, you can find the blog's Fediverse address in your WordPress dashboard's Users section, it's listed at the bottom of the user's profile options. You can copy and paste this address into the search box on Mastodon etc to interact with that user's blog.

You'll also see an ActivityPub section in the Settings menu.

Note : This plug-in only works on independently hosted WordPress-powered blogs. It doesn't work on free blogs.

#WordPress #Fediverse

This comes from part of my research that deals with the margins and gutters as the visible structure of comics, and how that can support nonlinear readings.

Of course experiments like the above is one step further, subverting the "inside | outside" dichotomy to focus entirely on one multifaceted structure.

Once you look at gutters as independent picture entities, they start popping up in fine arts too, like some of Irene Rice Pereira's works.

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is there any good #hypertext #poetry? i'm wondering about the possibilities of forms fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, radios, and js ways of responding to them...

lulz remember when hypertext was gonna change absolutely everything? circa 2000, all this rhetoric about how the linear age was over. gives me a good healthy gut-laugh when ever i think about it. what did we end up with? a few hypertext novels no one reads, alongside the supposedly 'linear' print novels that also no one reads...

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