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What we are seeing in Gielinor today is a massive level of income inequality, on the richest planet in the Elder Gods' universe. Not many people know we are the richest planet, because the top 1/10th of 1% of Gielinorians own as much wealth as the bottom 90%. The middle class of Gielinor is disappearing, the very rich are getting even richer, and the poor are quitting the game by the hundreds. What we need is a Runescapian revolution, where millions of players stand up and say "Enough is enough! We're going to create a Runescape economy that works for ALL of us, not just a handful of billionaires."

Let’s recap some of the plots of the previous Halo games in broad strokes, shall we?

Halo CE: You stumble upon an ancient Forerunner installation and conclude the game by blowing it up.

Halo 3: You stumble upon two Forerunner installations, one of them a replacement for the one you blew up in the first game, and conclude the game by blowing it up again.

Wars: You stumble upon not one, not two, but three Forerunner settings across three worlds and progress through the story by blowing each of them up – concluding the game by blowing up the Shield World with its own sun.

Reach: You stumble upon a crashed Forerunner ship underground, it holds knowledge – “a game-changer, on the level of the conical bullet in the nineteenth century, or faster-than-light travel in the twenty-third”. What is this knowledge? Why are you even asking? Get on that Pelican right now because we’re blowing it up!

See a bit of a pattern there?

"“We couldn’t figure out how the story ended. Room full of smart people, all with storytelling skills and the resumes to prove it, and we could not tie a bow on this story in the outline stage.

Then Frank O’Connor says, ‘Maybe Jul just drives Requiem into the sun.’

And we all laughed, because that was so wonderfully absurd. A half hour later we still didn’t have an idea of how the Requiem adventure ended. Eventually we let Jul drive Requiem into the sun because, come on. That’s pretty awesome, throwing planets into suns.”

-Brian Reed

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@vantablack i would totally join a secret order like this, but modern and for anarchists

The Mops-Orden, or Order of the Pug was a para-Masonic society founded by Roman Catholics. It is believed that it was founded in 1740 by Klemens August of Bavaria to bypass the papal bull In eminenti apostolatus of 1738. The constitution of the Order of the Pug allowed women to become members, as long as they were Catholic. The Pug was chosen as a symbol of loyalty, trustworthiness and steadiness.[1]

Members called themselves Mops (the German for Pug), novices were initiated wearing a dog collar and had to scratch at the door to get in. The novices were blindfolded and led around a carpet with symbols on it nine times while the Pugs of the Order barked loudly to test the steadiness of the newcomers. During the initiation, the novices also had to kiss a Pug's (porcelain) backside under its tail as an expression of total devotion. Members of the Order carried a Pug medallion made of silver. In 1745, the secrets of the order were "exposed" in a book published in Amsterdam with the title L'ordre des Franc-Maçons trahi et le Secret des Mopses révélé which included the ritual and two engravings illustrating their rite.[2]

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